Collective Soul – Live at Java Rockin’land

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— I first got to know this 2007 Collective Soul
music in 2009. They’re one of my very
favorite groups, I love to hear them rock
on YouTube in various live performances.
Really, nothing has “spoken to me” better,
in terms of love, or in terms of Christianity
in the kind of music I mostly like to listen
too, since then: this music really “reaches me.”

May 26, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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Collective Soul
Live at Java Rockin’land

This Collective Soul Sound is soo Sweet:
Just so Totally “Speaks to Me”

The Daily Walk with Love, May 26, 2020, by Paul Evans. Video — from YouTube video, Collective Soul Live at Java Rockin’land 2013 by Cultura Rock and YouTube. I first got to know recent Collective Soul recordings in 2009. Really, nothing has “spoken to me” better than these words do in terms of music, its power and its message, unless perhaps U2, and on the Christian side of things the David Crowder Band and Third Day. (I’m a rocker, guilty as charged.) If I had to pick just one album as my own “theme song,” especially in terms of romance and love, the Collective Soul album “Afterwards” would be it. I also like U2’s collection “U2: 1980 – 1990.” Sure some groups may or may not have a better single song, but collectively this album, taken as a whole, speaks to me best (outside of “greatest hits albums.”) This is for my special, beloved new friend Debora. This is also dedicated to America’s veterans and the special, Christian and patriotic men and women in the armed forces and intelligence operatives and analysts who have served America well. Anyone interested in friendship please feel encouraged to email me, Paul at

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Some Pink Floyd for You

(On a totally different note), I just happened to “run into” Pink Floyd’s early album, from 1967, Umma Gamma so I thought I’d share it with my readers. Their second (some websites say “first”) album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn is one I know and love. I love to go to bed fairly early and then wake up at 4 or 5 a.m. and enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility of the very early morning. You get such peace then: nobody bugs you at all. Then it’s nice when finally the sky begins to lighten and the sun gradually comes up, thus the theme of the second Pink Floyd album, about the dawning. Hey, any Floyd is good Floyd. [But which one of them is called “Pink,” that’s what I want to know (LOL)].

Pink Floyd …they are among the gods of rock and roll. Anybody can be dissident and usually have unsuccessful, broken lives as a result. But these guys laughed in the face of authority and got a huge worldwide following: even the powers that be (most of them) love Pink Floyd! Here is one good thing I feel The Daily Walk with Miracles does that you don’t get elsewhere. We always share the good results/links we may have from “surfing the web,” and we don’t mind at all giving you links to other websites that are good. We love it when we can help you enjoy this, so I am sharing the two of the first Pink Floyd albums for everyone. Also check out the “best guitar solos of David Gilmore,” video in “The Website Below the Website,” (the footer, down below everything (just “scroll down”), where you will also see really good RSS news feeds) and some hot classic rock, too. Or at least you will find Fox News and Associated Press, and our blogroll of sites to check on the be informed.

The Internet and One World:
Can we all just get along?

To understand more about me, my “mindset” and what’s important to me, I suggest reading The Internet and One World, which speaks about how the internet is changing our lives and bringing us ultimately into a much more connected, tolerant and hopefully caring world. At the same time there is an undercurrent all over the news these days of “end times” which I imagine is very scary to a LOT of people. The time of “stratified,” secret knowledge, such as Fundamentalist Islam, the Masons, various wealthy groups and other exclusive organizations have always had as exclusive within the framework of secret societies is slowly and painfully “getting out there” and so the secrecy is becoming obsolete. Gradually a lot of “the truth” is getting out, although the downside of this is that there is so freakin’ much disinformation and delusion and lies on the internet, isn’t there? (And disinformation is actually used as a weapon by some of these secret groups, too.) I myself (personally) have nothing against secrets or secret societies, I am only reporting on what I see is an at-this-point inevitable direction we are taking collectively as a global society. Secret societies and secret or “occult” knowledge is being replaced with a somewhat more tolerant, inclusive global friendship I call “One World.” This was first the idea of the Republican Presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie in the 1930’s. “Secret” knowledge as has always governed everything is slowly and painfully giving way to a global, One World society which is much more tolerant and inclusive. (The reaction against this is perhaps strongest in the Islamic world, inspiring jihadist terrorism in order to perpetuate obsolete social behaviors like Sharia Law.)

The Internet and One World

I see no way to stop this tendency towards acceptance of each other, however different we are, and don’t think it is a bad thing at all. (And I don’t mean global government by the U.N., either.) I see it as a hopeful direction humanity is taking, thanks to the internet, which may actually help us through troubled times into a truly New Age. This seems to me now to be historically inevitable, (if we don’t blow ourselves up first). The only way to stop it would be to take down the whole internet and all of social networking and cell phones, too. Let me make clear that in my intent and the future I see, we need not at all be becoming a global sort of government, and that in fact, with my support of Donald Trump, I am somewhat against global government outside of loose affiliations (well, and social networking). We tried the whole neocon “New World Order,” but I do like Trump’s “America First” idea of foreign policy a lot more than I trust Hillary Clinton, who would have been “more of the same, only worse.” Trump’s tax plan makes a lot of sense, too. Did you know that every dollar granted as tax cuts returns $1.03 to the Federal government? I’d rather see the money spent on infrastructure and perhaps investments in new forms of energy, which returns money to the Feds at a higher rate, but as they say, “any port in a storm.” (Donald has the same problem I do, he’s liable to just out and say whatever pops into his mind, because he is an honest man. And overall he is stepping up to the job, too, I have no bad complaints so far, even though I tend to be economically more liberal.) But just as “love is gathering,” so is our mutual understanding and appreciation of ourselves as a sort of world society (or One World), besides the nation to which we owe our patriotism and loyalty. Obama had that right conceptually, but pushed it too much and too fast (Plus it was mixed up with the whole vile conception of the New World Order). And Trump’s right, the U.N. needs reform badly. What is crucial is our peace, love, and the toleration we must have of each other as a loving greater society. I was a Unitarian-Universalist before I was fully Christian (and I’ve studied comparative religion a lot). I’m now probably both United Church of Christ and Disciples of Christ. What I took from the “U-U’s” the most was their “First Principle” — “the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” It is for the hopeful, caring nature of this future that I work and dedicate myself.

Java Rocking Land Concert

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