Classic Rock Music Video — Santana ’68

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Free Music57, January 3, 2015

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Classic Rock Music Video
— Santana ’68

Dedicated to the Yuhanick Family
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Free music57, January 3, 2015, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Santana, “jersonmajin,” the Prism Leisure label and YouTube:

Thanks also to Bert Bishop and Kay Bowen for caring, forgiving me my inadequacies and helping save our sister website, The Daily Walk with Miracles from a bad end. This video has some longer, very early Santana music from before Santana became so well known. The description on YouTube of Santana ’68 says that it is a “privileged studio view of the band’s early days.” If you are one of my younger viewers you may not know everything that Santana offers his listeners, but listening to Santana ’68 may give you some idea. My very favorite ‘albums’ of his are Welcome and Caravanserai from 1972 and 1973, which can really “take you places.” In these two albums in particular, I have found the essence of transcendence. In his more modern albums he often goes back to his Latin roots and speaks primarily to those people, who have likely been his strongest backers all along.

Santana ’68 includes Jingo, Soul Sacrifice, Latin Tropical and Persuasion. I believe that this last, Persuasion, has to do with a woman’s ability to “persuade” those of lesser will and lesser faith, although very likely those evil women believe in a darker, more evil force. I do not even believe that the darkness as such has any evil attached to it, but rather that evil lies in the hearts and minds of mankind. It is the BELIEF that darkness is evil which brings harm to a lot of people, and a lot of the bad times humanity is going through finds its roots in that belief. (Let me reassure the reader that I follow Jesus and worship only the Holy God of Israel.) Whatever our views, we should show Satan a little respect, or, as Jesus said, “render unto God what is God’s and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

Whatever our views, and whatever our allegiances, could we at least stop trying to kill of the other guys?

We also need to take much better care of our planet than we are. It will be a long time, and far outside of our own solar system, before mankind finds a habitable planet to move significant percentages of the population to. Other than that, I believe that the Rapture, so called, was an overly hopeful dream. I also wonder about the view of conservative theologian Michael Evans that if and when a Rapture occurs, it will be accomplished by aliens (as in UFO’s). Evans is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and has been the confidante of both of the Israeli Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Benjamin Netanyahu.

We need to take care of our planet right here and now, and learn to tolerate those of different beliefs, before it is too late for all of us.

Personal from Paul Evans: I hope I will still help people and serve the Lord with this website, for a long, long time.

God’s Love
If You Are Not Moved to See God’s Love for You
You Should Seek Help

Isaiah 43:19

Behold I will do a new thing;
Now it shall spring forth….

See Creative Family Values: a Plan for America on Three Structural Levels – the family, the individual churches and the nation as a whole, The Daily Walk with Miracles, ongoing, by Paul Evans. This is a real solution, and one that both right and left, as well as money and power, should strongly consider before dismissing it out of hand. This would work, please have a look.

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