Can Chromium or DHEA Revolutionize Your Life?

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A mixture of Chromium picolinate and DHEA
taken over about half a year, have helped me lose 70 pounds
and attain medical numbers for readings which are “non-diabetic.”

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Can Chromium or DHEA
Revolutionize Your Life?

From the Cleveland Clinic Specialty
Center, Take Chromium picolinate
with DHEA to Lose Weight
and Reverse (NOT Cure) Diabetes.
Men: lose weight & gain
muscle mass with DHEA

The Daily Walk with Love, republished July 19, 2020, Paul Evans.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online for May 12 (date of original publication) is Romans 10:13 – “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Apparently because of two psychiatric medicines I was constrained to take for 11 years (but no longer take), I gained 70 pounds and developed fairly severe Type II diabetes. I actually had my legs swollen, “punky” and covered with black scabs, which leaked a clear, serous fluid. I was in danger of losing my lower legs. At the time I was testing a new, strong mental illness medicine which were apparently needed (they used me to test out a new, strong medicine, psychiatric patients are “USED” as “lab rats” but is now only allowed to be used in severe cases for a year or less). My own privacy — survival — dictates that I refrain from being specific, but at this time I set the record for Wayne County for high triglycerides, having a level more than ten times the upper limit of what is acceptable. Triglycerides are a fatty, sugary substance that gets deposited in your capillaries if you have too much of it. It can cause ED, kidney failure or blindness, and some people actually will lose their legs partly because of triglyceride deposits. The upper limit of “normal” for triglycerides is 2,200. Mine reached 22,000 before they took me of the offending medicine, which had been believed to be the best “fix” for what was troubling me, mentally (Actually psychiatric patients are used en masse to experiment with new psychiatric drugs.).

My internal medicine doctor at the Cleveland Clinic (in my case in Wooster, Ohio) was of course concerned as this played out over a few years. He sent me to the local Cleveland Clinic Specialty Center, to see a physiologist, a certain Dr. Shewmon. The fine man said, almost in an aside to me, that I should try to take Chromium picolinate, and that this would help me with my diabetes. About this time, also, I started to take DHEA, a $6-a-month over-the-counter supplement with the active ingredient of dehydroepianandrosterone, which is a steroid. (Androsterone is a perfectly legal OTC medicine or supplement. It’s in most ways “one step up” from testosterone.) You should buy DHEA in the 25 mg/day strength. 50 mg/day may make you aggressive. This is also supposed to make one more alert, reduce body fat and put on muscle mass, which it helped to do for me. The Chromium picolinate is available at any drug store for $13 for a month’s supply, but is present in quite a few typical broad spectrum multivitamin-multimineral supplements, too. The daily dose is 200 micrograms/day.

I lost ALL of the 70 pounds I had gained. Also my HA1C, which doctors use to measure the extent of one’s diabetes, returned to nondiabetic levels. Anything over “7” is diabetic. My last doctor’s visit, about a week ago, showed me with an HA1C reading of 5.9, which is essentially non-diabetic. I cannot say for sure that it was either one of these medicines (Chromium picolinate or DHEA) which “did the trick” for me, but I certainly CAN say that Dr. Shewmon strongly suggested that I use the Chromium. At this time I also consumed a lot of yogurt. Therefore I wanted to bring this especially to the attention of those of my readers who might be diabetic or know someone who is, to please explore these options. I thank my lucky stars I continue with legs which sometimes swell slightly, especially as I sit many hours a day in front of a computer, but while retaining very minor scarring below the knees, offer little threat to me. I do still wear diabetic socks, though. Thanks, thanks a lot Dr. Shewmon!

Diabetes is a progressive disease, and there is NO cure for it. While mine is “in remission,” there is no known “cure” for diabetes, only more or less successful treatments. So my diabetes is NOT cured, and may indeed get worse as I get older, being somehow 60 already. But I firmly believe that BOTH the Chromium picolinate and the DHEA have been a great help to me, healthwise. The DHEA may have nothing to do with my improved condition, I am simply reporting on what I was consuming at the time my diabetes got so very much better. It is important to remember that my diabetes has been reversed, there is no cure. Medicine is learning that many of the metals in the same column of the periodic table as Chromium and also iron, magnesium and manganese (all metals) are very healthful.

See Men’s Health: Viagra Obsolete, The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 11, 2017, by Paul Evans.

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