My Own Appeal to the Elite and Super-Rich

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— Dear Friends: Could you please watch the
video below and try to find it in your heart
to donate a larger-than-you-want amount
to your favorite effective charity? Please, in
the name of God, please? If you elite
ones don’t care about the poor, there’s
probably no hope for us. (Especially with automation
artificial intelligence and robots increasingly
replacing us in the workplace, (seeming to
make us obsolete and threatening us with homelessness
or the FEMA camps. Certainly little
can be done for the poor as the “technological
singularity” (as computers and machines actually
become smarter than men are) progresses. The only hope
the poor have at this point are NOT more service level,
entry level jobs which cannot themselves help the poor
enough to get by. We thus we become more and more
in poverty and replaceable with robots, AI, automation
and robots. Good people, please try to care.
God would want you to care, and Satan would have
no objection to helping the poor. Please, I beg you, don’t
just “let money be your morality.” It could
have been YOU born poor, you know. I myself know
that the government figures on how much the poor
are suffering don’t begin to tell the story, don’t you?

July 24, 2020,
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Have a Good and Safe Day!

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My Own Appeal
to the Elite & Super-Rich

Asking the Very Rich Where They
Are Going to Take the Common Man,
and Begging Them to Make Life
Livable for Us, Please.

Also I need to reach out myself. This website has become my life’s work.

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page and blog), republished July 24, 2020, by Paul Evans, with video of Peter Singer on Effective Altruism and The Most Good You Can Do, TheLifeYouCanSave and YouTube — 9:11. Featured photograph is courtesy of World Vision. I will publish this piece fairly often for a few months, as I feel called on to remind you elite: the poor of this world suffer terribly and we do ask your kind help.

See President Trump: a Regrettable Lack of Toleration and acceptance, Recently on The Daily Walk with Love, a rebuke of Donald Trump’s politics of division and confrontation, and an endorsement of Joe Biden for President in 2020. Yesterday, in a contentious interview with Fox News’ Mike Wallace, Trump actually stated that he was debating whether or not he would accept the results of a Joe Biden election victory. Really? My God is Trump so surrounded by “yes men” that he actually feels he can enforce a dictatorship over America. It would lead to a vicious civil war. (This is decisive in The Daily Walk’s decision to get fully behind Joe Biden.)

With automation and artificial intelligence it will probably even get worse for the poor. The little girl sitting there with her book in the featured photo is “the exception that proves the rule:” Around the world poverty is keeping pace with “progress,” with those poor families who are in the “have nots.” How bad it really is — It has come to my attention that at this time, using statistics from all over the world, that an unbelievable two billion men, women and children lack ready access to clean drinking water. The average citizen of Nigeria, a country of more than 70 million souls which is large producer of oil, makes less than a dollar a day. Those people are the recruiting ground of terrorist organizations, and they are people who are desperately asking for your help. Microeconomics investments in these “third world” nations would not only alleviate their crushing poverty while making the investors get a dividend on their charity, but would greatly improve the reputation of America throughout these struggling peoples. Consider that God loves the poor and hates injustice: it’s shot through the Bible.

If I had a patron or sponsor, I could be doing much more to make this website more appealing and effective. I can think, short-term, of three or four changes I would make. Any sponsor for us would see me design a highly effective 300px by 250px graphic ad for you, placed at the very top of the sidebar and pointing at any web page on the internet you wish, ((placed at the very top of the sidebar to the right of every page I publish, back to our very beginnings here in 2014. Such is the power of WordPress.)) Does that sound inviting?

If you are interested in helping out in any way, just email me, Paul Evans, at (Maybe you might be interested in contributing an article at no cost to either of us but perhaps gaining you some recognition on the web), For any recurrent sponsorship you would also get a real nice ad at the top of the sidebar of every page. Thank you and God Bless you all!

Not all the multi-millionaires and billionaires are ignoring the need for help to those less fortunate than they are. Fully 220 of the elite have taken up the “Bill Gates challenge” and given half of what they own to charity, including the CEO of my own webhost, GoDaddy. As God is my witness, someday you will be rewarded.

Did you know that there are about 300,000 homeless veterans in America, or that, in the world, each year 37.5 million people die of starvation? Unbelievably, about two billion people in the world lack ready access to clean drinking water. These people are the recruiting ground for the world’s terrorist organizations. Microeconomic investments in the thirld world villages and town offer hope to the whole world.

See Have Compassion for Your Brother, Even As God Loves You, The Daily Walk with Love, April 9, 2018, by Paul Evans. I also wanted to call to everyone’s attention an article which might help everyone, in terms of our thinking processes. See An Enlightened Way of Thinking, The Daily Walk with Love, April 11, 2018, by Paul Evans. This is about my own particular methodology of the process of thinking, and how it might empower our minds. I hope it might help you all.

New, see Why Don’t America’s Rich Give More to Charity?, The Atlantic, December 16, 2017, by HELAINE OLEN. But there is hope:

The rising wealth of the top tier of earners seems to be inaugurating a new age of charitable giving. More than 220 billionaires from around the world have now signed Bill and Melinda Gates’ Giving Pledge, promising to donate at least half of their fortunes to charity. (Paul: maybe that is how God will judge you, how selfish you are or not, how caring a life you have led.

At any rate I feel this article is important so I am republishing it more than any other on, for example, Google Plus. (Yesterday I heard the — to me — horrible news that Google is shutting down Google Plus next month. I know it must strain the bandwidth resources of your server computers, but really, a lot of people depend on Google Plus. If only God might find a way to allow you to see that helping the poor is the only hope we have for a healthy and growing economy. You cannot base an economy on the purchases of the top ten percent, while perhaps 78 percent of us live paycheck to paycheck.

Here’s what I believe may be the best you can listen to when considering this article and technology, where it is going and where it might take us, by the rule of the super-rich and their disdain for the poor and common man: Listen to ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind ♫, they’ve got the tunes you might want to hear, maybe while you read that article.

Here’s a very special article on the super-weapon of biological warfare: I mean, what better way to deal with overpopulation, am I right? Still (especially since that’s so morally wrong), these ideas might save a few lives: See Healthcare News: Cures for Many Infections?, The Daily Walk with Love, March 15, 2018. Read it and see for yourself.

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The Illuminati — the super-rich big brothers of the Masons — have a monument in northern Georgia which conveys a goal of a sustainable world population of 500 million people. Given that the current world population is now about 7.6 billion, there is not just a discrepancy with their stated goal, but a huge question: How do the Illuminati plan on getting the world down to a sustainable population? I understand the problems of famine, hunger, poverty and unemployment (AND underemployment), and the huge drain on earth resources we are undergoing, but do the Illuminati actually (as some conspiracy theorists fear) plan some sort of depopulation? There is some evidence that perhaps they are, though it is not at all overwhelming evidence. Please allow me to state that this sort of evidence mainly feeds some people’s paranoia, and then later (just below), is the real reason for this article, an appeal to the super-rich elite for your indulgence, your care, the love of your fellow man, and your charity, in making the world — as it is now — a better, more livable place.

In the first place there is the huge push towards automation, artificial intelligence and robots, and the Internet of Things. Why are we rushing this way so headlong? Did you know that all but three of the jobs in’s main warehouse are staffed by robots now? There’s a town in Germany where the pizzas are now being delivered by six-wheeled robots. Industrial functions (jobs) can be envisioned to a large extent where a lot of skilled labor (with high wages) will give way to robots, and we already see this happening. Are humans left to be housed in barracks-like quarters with a few possessions and minimum-wage, service industry jobs (which are not even full-time jobs), perhaps in some way sterilized so that we no longer so plentifully reproduce, now that we are not needed? Why are there 5.2 million “coffin liners” (as discussed on Snopes) outside many of the FEMA camps, and why are many who become homeless being sent to FEMA camps? All of this raises major questions.

In many of the ways intelligence, aptitude and abilities are measured, perhaps, the Illuminati elite are superior to the common man. I admit this. Maybe most of the difference has to do with the way a child is brought up. But for the last ten years of my life I have lived with these “common” folks, understanding as I do that truly rich folks probably never even darken the door of a McDonald’s, to avoid any embarrassing encounters. I basically can’t afford to eat at McDonald’s but once or twice a month, myself. There are lots of Americans in that boat. Well, personally, I’ve been homeless five times, through no real fault of my own (ask the CIA about this). My own dad was NSA, CIA and a Yale Ph.D. and my mother’s father was a Curator of the Smithsonian. I have ten years of college and have edited 12 books. Frankly, when I encounter truly rich folks, dressed as I am as a poor man (always look at the shoes), if I should dare to speak pleasantly and friendly-like to one of them, they look at me as if I were some kind of alien species, or something the cat dragged in. This is NOT the way you elite should feel about your fellow man. One day you are going to die and answer for having such an attitude. But anyway…. Could you please watch the video below and try to find it in your heart to donate a larger-than-you-want amount to your favorite effective charity? Please, in the name of God, please? If you don’t care about the poor, there’s probably no hope for us. Please try to care. God would want you to, and Satan would have no objection. It could have been YOU born poor, you know….

Peter Singer on Effective Altruism
and The Most Good You Can Do

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