Christian Rock: Pride in the Name of Love

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Christian Rock Playlist
Pride in the Name of Love

Free Music57, October 8, 2015, by Paul Evans:

We have been collecting music to stream for you on Free Music57 since we started the old Evans Liberal Politics, really as an add on to my Evans Web Design website, back in November of 2008. There are about 230 songs collected together for our viewers, in some cases paying as much as $30 or more each for the rights to stream a particular song on the playlist.

Here we have gathered together the best songs of faith on Free Music57. There is an underlying message of social justice and strong faith in God and Jesus. While remaining politically nonpartisan, I feel a strong compassion for my fellow man, especially the workers and “little guy”. This is felt especially in the controversial topic of economic inequality, so some of my articles come out sounding liberal, especially those articles over six months old. I insist, I am nonpartisan, Christian and patriotic. These are the Christian songs, which, over the years, have meant a lot to me. (Click the little “thumbnail” photo to listen to each song, then hit the “back” button on your internet browser to listen to others.)

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25 Christian Rock Tracks
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thumbnail of a person offering their heart from the palm of their hand “Come Save Me”, a meticulously produced, downtempo, smooth R&B / Pop track, by Dan Gatreau. This song is fully dedicated to Paul Yuhanick. It is meant to be sung just from me to Him. — 3:07

custom image for a rare recording of U2's 'Pride in the Name of Love' performed in Dortmund in 1984 “Pride in the Name of Love,” by U2, a rare recording from 1984 in Dortmund, Germany. — 4:04

thumbnail custom cover art of the wonderful inspirational and uplifting song Peace of Mind “Peace of Mind”:A inspirational but funky R&B track about finding our way. What we’re all looking for. Some of us try our best to find happiness serving God, or Jesus, as we are led. – a special song. — 4:39

thumbnail of a window of the National Cathedral “Thirsty For You,” a very special, easy rock vocal religious track, in this case invoking my own wish to be loved, by God, and in this life, by Russell Henderson 3:30

thumbnail of a beautiful sunny nature scene “Higher Ground”: an amazing song by the Alan Parsons Project, which speaks to me of what it is to be a charismatic king. — 6:19

custom cover art for U2 and B.B. King performing their hit 'When Love Comes to Town' live "When Love Comes To Town," B.B. King and U2 have a good time in this stirring rendition of the 1987 hit recording. — 5:35

image from the album cover of Allison Crowe's album 'Little Light' “Angels”:, a haunting folk pop piece by Allison Crowe. — 3:27

custom cover art for Peter Gabriel performing his moving song Mercy Street live "Mercy Street:" To me, Peter Gabriel’s song is one of the most moving tracks I have heard. — 6:38

"I’d Love to Change the World:&quot: Ten Years After sings their late sixties hit. Watch the politically relevant video of this here. — 3:47

incredible sunset highlights this Christian faith cross called a Wayside cross “Hey Lord”: a man asks the Lord for help in his life’s journey. — 3:00

Here are three songs by the master himself, Bob Dylan (some of them are covers).

“All Along the Watchtower”: Really great cover of the Bob Dylan song by the Word of Life Church band. — 5:28

custom cover art for Clint covering Bob Dylan's 'I Shall Be Released' "I Shall Be Released" A certain “Clint” covers the famous Bob Dylan song. — 4:56

custom cover art to Word of Life Church Band's cover of Bob Dylan's 'Gotta Serve Sombody' “Gotta Serve Somebody”: Bob Dylan’s Gotta Serve Somebody, here played by the Word of Life Church Band, with Phil Keaggy & Paul Clark. — 9:01

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custom cover art for Alan Parsons performing his hit, Standing On Higher Ground "Standing On Higher Ground,&quot: Alan Parsons performs his hit song solo. Interesting. — 4:59

custom cover art for the John Cipollina - Nick Gravenites Band performing the Gordon Lightfoot Song 'Pride of Man' "Pride of Man": The John Cipollina Nick Gravenites Band do a live performance of the Gordon Lightfoot song Pride of Man, a song that always made me listen to the lyrics. — 4:44

custom cover art for The Waterboys performing their little-known song Spirit live in Glastonbury in 1986 "Spirit": The Waterboys with Mike Scott perform their little-known song live in Glastonbury in 1986. — 7:22

Live performance of David Crowder Band doing Make a Joyful Noise - I Will Not Be Silent "Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not Be Silent": – David Crowder Band is making the right kind of funky noise in this live performance of his hit. It is my deepest Hope that we are not silent, and tell you the truth here on Free Music57 + politics.5:54

custom cover art thumbnail to play Mercy Me's wonderful  song 'Allright', the Lifesong "Allright": Christian rockers Mercy Me never sounded better than in 2009’s catchy song that deserves to be a hit. — Visit Mercy Me’s website! — 4:58

a green cross on a white square serves as custom cover art launching two songs by the David Crowder Band, 'Can You Feel It' and 'Everything Glorious' "Can You Feel It and Everything Glorious": the David Crowder Band performs his two wonderful hits. — 8:14

custom cover art for Christian rockers Mercy Me singing their hit Grace Tells Another Story "Grace Tells Another Story":Christian rockers Mercy Me sings their heart out in this heartwarming and uplifting track. — 3:34

Four tracks by my friends from California, the really great and under appreciated group Avalanche: See ten tracks by Avalanche, a great rock group who “opened” for AC/DC.

a single sunflower on a white background “Are We Ever Going to Learn”: by Avalanche, a searching easy rock vocal track about man’s degradation of the Earth and our future, © 1984, 2005 Crystal Magic Music (ASCAP). 3:46

mandala of a heart embedded in a peace sign in a multicolored circle on a black background “Trust the Quiet Voice”: by Avalanche, a hard rockin’ vocal track about the direction the country is headed and what we all have to do, © 2009 Crystal Magic Music Publishing (ASCAP). 6:11

a groovy spiral accents this great inspirational rocker by Avalanche “The Golden Sun”: an wonderful inspirational rocker by one of my favorite groups, my personal friends, Avalanche, out of California. — 13:40

beautiful fractal image of a red sunset over water “I Believe”:, by Avalanche, a quiet vocal of beliefs with a caveat not to turn away, © 1979, 2006 Crystal Magic Music Publishing (ASCAP). Promoted from The Old Stuff (page 3 of our music for you) 6:13

custom cover art for the well-known Third Day song 'Consuming Fire' about how Jesus Love can 'consume' and empower us "Consuming Fire": Third Day’s very special song in which the "consuming fire" is Christ’s Love. — 4:46

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