Christian Rock Music Video: I Surrender – Hillsong Live

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October 20, 2015
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Christian Rock Music Video
I Surrender – Hillsong Live

(from Cornerstone New 2012 DVD Album) — Lyrics

Free Music57, October 20, 2015, originally published on The Daily Walk with Miracles, December 12, 2013, YouTube music video — 10:27. Dedicated to Judy Watson, the fully caring woman who has come into my life, seen past my limitations, and been willing to love me despite the evil which oppresses me, as well as my own mental illness limitations, and also forgiven me for the corrupt life I once led. I never could have imagined a love such as you have given me, and I am yours forever:

Visit Hillsong’s Store to purchase CD’s and DVD’s of their songs and performances, including “I Surrender.”

Visit to get digital-rights-free downloads of mp3 tracks by Hillsong.

    a small beautiful candy apple red heart for the woman I who will save mea small beautiful candy apple red heart for Judya small beautiful candy apple red heart for Judy    

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