Christian Music Videos: 4 Songs by the Christian Rock Group, Jars of Clay

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Free Music57, January 5, 2015

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Christian Music Videos: 4 Songs
by the Christian Rock Group, Jars of Clay

Free Music57, description rewritten January 5, 2015, (originally published December 28, 2014), selections by Paul Evans, videos courtesy of YouTube. I’ve read that Jars of Clay were considered to be the premiere Christian Rock group of the 1990’s. Sometimes Christian music is enigmatic in certain ways — to a certain extent the songs seem to be speaking of both lovers’ true love and devotion, and at the same time strongly declaring the singer’s love for Jesus.

Let me be clear, lest there be any misunderstanding about my own beliefs: I love mother earth, and I do love Life and find nothing wrong with that at all, but I fully follow Jesus and worship only the Holy God of Israel who is the Light of the universe. I see no conflict here. It’s “apples and oranges” (two different things): what is hard about loving life, the life here on earth, and at the same time realizing the centrality of the Light of this Universe? And remember that the Bible says that God placed His full power in the care and keeping of Jesus. The son of man — “the sun of man” — is like the local representative of the light of the universe, with its full power vested in Him. Life on earth is what God loves and keeps, “world without end.” Pray for peace, and pray for President Obama. [Overall, Obama has been a great President. What he is trying to accomplish is the making of a reduction of entitlements in a more caring way, and the establishment of a true peace in the middle east (preventing nuclear winter). In my book, you can’t ask for more.] If you want to read more about my ideas, please visit The Daily Walk with Miracles.

I came across the music of Jars of Clay several years ago and have always been rewarded. Surely their music is about an honest true, deep love for God. Visit my favorite source of digital rights free mp3’s,, to see downloads of the music of Jars of Clay.

Jars of Clay
Show You Love

Jars of Clay

    a small beautiful candy apple red heart for Susan, in Appreciationa small beautiful candy apple red heart for Judy, in Appreciationa small beautiful candy apple red heart for Judy, in Appreciation    

Jars of Clay: Love Song
For a Savior

Jars of Clay
I Need You

God’s Love
How God Knows and Truly Loves You

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