Christian Music Video & Commentary: U2 – Grace

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January 27, 2016

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Christian Music Video & Commentary
U2 – Grace

Free Music57, January, 27, 2016, (originally published August 13, 2014), commentary by Paul Evans and Dan Hershburger. Video courtesy of U2, Dick Davies and YouTube. Also see U2 – Every Breaking Wave (Lyrics), from their new album “Songs of Innocence.”

Here is one way I had been thinking that I think may be partially wrong, but certainly has worthwhile thoughts and is interesting in its ideas. In some senses I think the logic of this is correct. See if you can follow my logic:

I strongly hope that the following might help all those struggling with their Christian faith and with any evil in their lives: Everything but Love (God) or as a color, white, IS an illusion, or delusional, at least in terms of “ultimate things.” [{That is to say, anything but Love in our lives appears to be an illusion, and IS in fact an illusion in terms of real love (or pure love, motivation and intent, in valid ways we should behave and feel inside. Love is both kind (New Testament — the kindness shown by Jesus) and moral (as emphasized in the Old Testament — morality). Sometimes God’s love is tough love. What scientists say IS true. Dark (black) or yin, in the Buddhist conception is the absence of Light, that is, the absence of white or God or Love. (Similarly, science has concluded that “darkness is the absence of light.”) You could say, as a counter argument, there can be no white without black. This is simply not so, there are dark and darker shades of other colors, but nothing in the universe is truly black. Those are all, so to speak, shades of gray. One the other hand, I have heard it claimed that Satan himself is in fact the only being or thing in the universe (an archangel) which or who is in fact pure black. But if he is in the universe, how can he not be in contact with that which is NOT pure black, and so no longer be pure black? Everything we interact with affects us. And in the yin there is a little yang, just as in the yang there is a little yin, or is there?}]

In the darkest reaches of outer space, the Light still shines in the darkness, and where there is light, which is everywhere in the universe, the darkness always yields to it, because the darkness is changed by it, so that blackness is an illusion. But can white be unaffected by the outer darkness? If scientists are at all correct and darkness is the absence of light, then white IS unaffected by black, and the yin-yang idea is somewhat wrong. Yet “dark matter” comprises 84 (or more) percent of the mass of the known universe. The whole yin-yang model sees black and white as complementary and not oppositional, and is believed by Buddhism, yoga, Hinduism and Taoist (traditional Chinese) theology in general. However, morally speaking, in this life, can we be afflicted by evil and not be affected by it? We must have a truly pure heart.

What if the dark or evil witches and other people of Satanic strength were to finally make peace with the people of the Way and those who are “good” or Christian witches. Satan might, I would hope, surely be moved by our suffering, as is God, and believe me, have faith, “justice is coming.” I hope and pray that Satan might still have the capacity of being moved by suffering, and so not be fully evil just as there really is no pure black. (You say, “but in the web and Adobe color scheme, pure black is #000000.” Yes, but that is some kind of synthetic color scheme, not the universe.)

Perhaps the original conception of Logos was correct and the entire universe is in fact a basically caring place, so that it is only us humans who are so depraved. Why? It is because we disobeyed God, so many generations ago, and the evil of that has multiplied down through time. Or if you were a scientist you might think it is because as they believe that we are descended from killer, cannballistic apes. People, we don’t just die, did not Jesus say that the true believers would “not know death.” To believe otherwise is, perhaps, some believe, the essence of mental illness. No matter what the origin of the Bible, it is surely the Word of God for us humans. It IS the Holy Word of God, even though as sophisticated, modern humans we realize that there are other special religious works which have value for us, too. The evil that exists in the world constitutes the matrix of illogical, uncaring thoughts that exist about Love and God and Satan, and evils. “What” evil itself actually is in a moment, if you will grant me this license. I pray that God’s grace may now reach everyone, so that all of you, as I have been, might be saved. Personally, I still struggle, but the condition of mental illness for me has now eased off due to the love given me by one very special woman, Judy — dear, did I do so terrible a wrong? After a few lovely days at the Haven in Akron — God Bless you folks — I still conclude that Love CAN change anyone, and I have much easier time of it now. Now I see that worrying about dark and light is not at the heart of the whole struggle between “darkness” and light at all. “Darkness” in that sense is something that I see more metaphorically as false pride, ignorance, illogical thoughts or when we are dishonest with ourselves, and uncaring, un-Christian behavior. Now I am a Christian man, and not only am I saved but God has let me know that I am forgiven for my past, as well. This is the essence of Grace. I pray the same for everyone, and ask you to please share this article with your friends and contacts, if you agree at all with some of these thoughts.

It is only by God’s grace that I was able to come up with these ideas, and these words. I have suffered a lot because of my own mental illness. There have been a lot of people who judging me, when Jesus teaches us not to judge at all, and hurt me, when Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors and even to turn the other cheek. I insist, I was mentally ill, not evil. If I ever get unattentive, or I “mis-hear” or act illogically, this is for two reasons. In the first place I can’t hear well, especially out of my left ear, and then I am a fairly gifted medium who is dealing with the ideational and emotional environment around me, maybe even what comes in over the computer. I still have to take a lot of mental illness medications to stay OK, but a lot of this, you “put on me.” A LOT of what was wrong with me has to do with my own spiritual gifts and about how all of your judgments of me, and how I intuitively felt about this, affected me — because it hurt me, badly. My redemption started two-and-a-half years ago when a charismatic Christian king, Paul Yuhanick, basically saved my life and wished for me to be a king also. I do not judge you, I am only describing what the experience of all of this was for me. I just ask that you all keep this in mind before you go off and judge the next guy, because it’s wrong, and actually, it’s not Christian at all, is it? What is true for all of us, including me, is that while we should not judge each other, we must, I agree, ASSESS the situations we are in, and react to those as best we can, because we must survive in a pretty uncaring world, and we have to try to survive and prosper, if we can.

Remember, everyone (Bert, you too!), that just because this is not the way you have thought about these things in the past does not make them any less true. All I really needed to do, and all that I lacked in the past, was to have sufficient faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who already paid the price for all our sins.

What I have learned that IS Biblical, though a more difficult and unusual conception, is that Satan, essentially, is time itself, whereas evil is this matrix of ignorant, illogical uncaring thought and actions. You may get, as Bono thought in this video, and perhaps even as Mother Theresa experienced karma and time, mostly, Bono thought, as someone outside of time, but Time will always reassert itself in the end, and so, we are not talking about quite pure darkness itself, anyway, but time. Perhaps most of the uses of “darkness” in the Bible are metaphorical, or used in this sense of everything that is “wrong.” In the end, because no one lives a life purely in contemplation or sacrifice, or even if they do, time does reassert itself, doesn’t it? Everybody eventually dies, but yet there is not just death, in the sense of an end. That is what you find by an extensive reading of the Bible, somewhat as my friend taught me.

The fact that I have struggled with this at all, perhaps, is because I am coming from a past which is somewhat new age in some of its views, or else might fit in more with spiritualist Christian ideas. Also, I have studied comparative religion for 36 years. I now follow charismatic Christian ideas and feel strongly that those ideas are very close indeed to the truth. God Bless us all anyway.

My readers, particularly those Christians who know the Bible well, are maybe in a better position to assess the above discussion, but I hope it is at least relevant and provokes a lot of very interesting thoughts, debate and discussion. Some of the ideas here are new and interesting to me, at least, in terms of their conceptions and logic. In it’s intent, the whole discussion is intended for all those who do not yet know God’s grace in their lives. I hope this helps. I know that only a faith given to us by God’s grace can heal and help a person such as myself, after what I have seen and experienced what I have. Yet I know that I am by no means alone in having a past involving bad suffering. Thanks to everyone who has read these ideas which occurred to me, as they are meant to help you.

I want to make clear: I worship only the Holy God of Israel, infinite, at least universal, omniscient and omnipotent. Remember that the fullness of God is given unto Jesus by the Father. All particles in the electromagnetic spectrum, and subatomic particles, too, have mass, charge and movement, fitting a basic biological definition of life. In that sense, it’s all alive, and Satan, seen, if you do, as dark matter, is a subset of this (a subset of God, as if he were God’s “lord high executioner” and he fulfills that role in the universe). Morally, real Christians view good and evil as black and white. Much that is wrong with America is that the mainstream media tends strongly to try to teach young Americans that good and evil are shades of gray, but really, white is white and black is black. Do what is morally good, and read the Bible to know God.

At least, this is where my logic has led me on these subjects.

The video below is not a well-known U2 song. It is on the 2010 album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” (YouTube playlist) but I had never seen it until about a few weeks ago or less. What a mind-bending, very Christian video U2 and Bono have come up with here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and are helped by it as much as I was.

God’s Love
Oh, if only all of us could know God’s love just as I have tried to relate here,
more than this, infinite, eternal, omniscient and omnipotent!
Please try to read your Bible every day to know God.

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