Changing your life: Live Fully Now – Alan Watts & Paul Evans

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March 28, 2016

The Daily Walk with Zen
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Changing your life: Live Fully Now
Alan Watts & Paul Evans

Brothers and Sisters:
You Must Conceive Reality Immediately in the Now!

The Daily Walk with Zen, March 28, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Live Fully Now – Alan Watts, courtesy of “Tragedy & Hope” on YouTube, April 14, 2014 — 2:22, one of the best introductions to Zen and “the now” I have seen. Our featured photo-clipart, which is public domain, is dedicated to Paul and Tammy Yuhanick, may they grow in Love together, forever, (As it was in the beginning, is now unto the end, Amen and May it be), and the heart is courtesy of

The Daily Walk with Zen bible verse for March 28, 2016 is Hosea 2: 21-23: the newness of the eternal now! The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible online is Psalms 65: 2, “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” “Grow forth,” in faith and love together, and be blessed in Love, with this special Celtic Blessing!

This article is what I have to teach you and help everyone I may. The Daily Walk with Zen is a brand new conception, it’s immediate, it’s now, and it’s the future of what’s happening around the world: an awakening to an escape from a “matrix” of sorts by personal salvation. It’s happening now, and we don’t look back, because our past happened and it wasn’t worth your time, but you should tell ALL your friends and contacts about The Daily Walk with Zen. Please feel encouraged to watch for a lot more Zen, a lot more spiritual and educational videos, the plan is for a new, completely new Zen teaching or fun experience every day. I r
ead my first book on Zen over 30 years ago, it takes some teachings some while to germinate, then they burst forth into the present, the Now, and it is infinite in it’s possibilities, you have to understand, and then you may understand our motto: “Never get up before its time.” I’m perfectly renewed with an electricity you can’t understand until you know it. And I will do my very best to teach you the present reality that can be yours.

For Love which IS
(or what may be – and is ever becoming)
I so heartily give Paul & Tammy
my present Love, that
Your kindness might be made
anew forever! May it be!

This video, like so many others, promises to change your life: ONLY TODAY! Alan Watts teaches us, from a Zen perspective, important universal truths, which I try to elaborate on here. Please feel encouraged to check out the Alan Watts channel and the “Tragedy and Hope channel on YouTube. There are several really good Alan Watts channels.

My Testimony — I was a good man, I tried hard to be — really, and felt misjudged, but that man is gone, you see, and I am born again into a new reality that is an ever-present moment of infinite possiblity and a hopeful future I consider almost as little as I do my past. You must live in the present moment in fully alive awareness! Living in the Now: How do you escape time: you don’t consider it. How do you live in the present moment: you don’t consider your past At ALL until the future, about which you do not concern yourself, only going forward with faith froom one present, aware moment to the next, occurs, in constant renewal, and blissful exsistence which transcends what you were. With the past OR future, you only LIVE (constantly renewed and fully alive) in your new reality, which you must pray and strive and keep on knocking until this NOW reality…bursts forth. Love Is, this new life dawns and you then know what freedom means. Before, you were trapped in a Matrix of your “sin” and you just hoped, with out much hope, for you kept letting your past weigh you down. But know like me you may know Love, and it’s so …IMMEDIATE and hopeful! By itself knowing Love makes your past suffering inconsequential. So the start is to not consider the past and get aware, (but Love has set you free!)

Blessed be those who know the love of a virtuous woman

Just be yourself, live in the NOW (the present moment), fully unconcerned with the suffering you have gone through and go through (so that it will not touch you), with awareness and acceptance of your circumstances and of course varying degrees of suffering, which is inevitable but to be ignored, be as honest with yourself and others as you can, yes, work for a “better life,” but enjoy and experiment right now. If not NOW, when? The past is over and the future in doubt, but now is the time for you wo wake up and enjoy your life. YOU decide to enjoy your life today. Surely this is a really wonderful life.

See What Did You Forget, an important short lecture by Alan Watts — 3:36.

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Living in the Present Moment
with the Zen Wisdom of Alan Watts

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(1611 King James Authorized Version)

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