Brothers and Sisters: Peace, Love & Revolution!!

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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism Jesus Loves You! a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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The peace and love revolution –
Hasn’t the time for love come? If not now,
when, when will we BEGIN to love our neighbors
as ourselves? Brothers and sisters,
isn’t it time we loved one another?

Donald Trump 2017
“Make America Great Again!”

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

May 12, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

The Daily Walk with Miracles
The “Official” Music Blog of the CIA
*New Age *Truthful* Christian *Nonpartisan* Independent*
Support the NEW CIA!
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Brothers and Sisters:
Peace, Love & Revolution!!

Do NOT Obey Your Illuminati Masters
when you don’t have to. Think for yourself.
Go Home, Prepare Yourselves for Real
Revolution quite soon: Follow Anonymous to Freedom!

I believe the only true revolution is “a revolution of the heart.” Revolts accomplish very little, long term.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, May 13, 2017, with video of Anonymous: The Movie, YouTube – 1:58:29.

What I am hoping, what I have hoped for some time, is that CIA might allow me to be a “bridge” between CIA and Anonymous, so that the proper understanding of reality and what’s happening might be told, with discretion, and disseminated to the people.

We are now giving our website the tagline identity of “JUST ANOTHER ANONYMOUS BLOG,” and no longer “The Official Music Blog of the C.I.A.” This is done with the utmost American pride and patriotism in my heart, and really very little change in my espoused beliefs or political orientation. I don’t know yet, I may very well support a third party for President in 2020, it’s something I think an awful lot of Americans ought to be thinking about. I am putting the intelligence agencies on notice that the TRUTH will be taught here in the future, no matter how “dissident” that truth will be regarded as. If I am destroyed, as I was drugged to death in 2016, from which I literally came back from the dead, I will die as a free man, and not a lying or deceitful advocate of some pseudo-truth. DISCLAIMER: In order that I be allowed to carry on with my pitiful disability and $64 of food stamps each month, I hereby PROMISE that unless I hear the Official White House YouTube channel making truthful discussion on these topics, AND hear the same things coming off the The Alex Jones Channel on YouTube, I will NOT discuss ALIENS (a nice little video about aliens on the moon), nor PRIVACY (The Electronic Freedom Foundation). So maybe you N.S.A. and C.I.A. jokers can please let me continue on with my freedom and my life, OK?

The Daily Walk with Miracles

The Daily Walk with Miracles has for two years almost billed itself as “The ‘Official’ Music Blog of the CIA,” but really, we were no such thing, officially, but only in our loyalty and love for America. We have always advocated a caring, sharing society but see little such movement in our government nor in their intelligence services. I have made it clear that I believe that the outer form of government politically (e.g., fascism versus Communism) is not the crucial factor in the people’s welfare. What matters is if a system is free and not corrupt enough so that it can pass laws which are caring for the people. In the current government perhaps 6 to maybe 10 congressmen do not deserve to be hung. Essentially a coalition of orders from England, Goldman Sachs and the investment banks, the defense contractors and to some extent the medical establishment and Big Pharma are utterly controlling our Congress and writing the laws. I believe that Obama wanted to make things better and could not, and that Donald Trump is doing the best he can. May God guide and greatly assist President Trump as he tries to do the right thing for the American People. I am not optimistic.

Please feel encouraged to visit the Official Google Plus Anonymous Community, and by all means watch Anonymous – They are preparing for what comes next… (WW3 2017-2018), on the Anonymous Official YouTube channel.

You might well wish to read fairly truthful articles such as:
The Jesus Model of Ethics,
Pope Francis on “the God of Mercy”,
Windows 10 Creator’s Build vs. Linux (updated),
and Escaping the Straight Jacket of Society’s Logical Slavery, which is important.
Also watch Anonymous: It Isn’t Just Facebook, the Entire Internet is Censored.

You have been brought up to believe that you CANNOT and MUST NOT love your neighbor as yourself, and be kind, open, honest and caring. If one person does this, they throw him in mental hospitals and drug him and persecute him. If 1,000 people did this, it would be The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Speak the TRUTH, openly, honestly, with sincerity, kindness and ALSO with regard to whom your audience is. MY audience is the internet, my position is as if I were a public official, but totally upfront and honest, and without a false mask to protect me. “They” know who I am, and they watch me closely. But hasn’t the time for love come? If not now, when, when will we BEGIN to love our neighbors as ourselves? Brothers and sisters, isn’t it time we loved one another?


Join us at the the Official Facebook Anonymous News Feed:

Who says we look up to leaders?
This is a collective where everyone treats anyone as an equal of himself.

We do not differentiate ourselves as leaders of the collective.
We do not compare our own religion to others.
We do not boast about the history of our race.

We only consider ourselves as people – people who are sick and tired of the corrupt, and all we do is share information to people no matter how misinformed they are, because they and us, are the very victims of corruption.

All we do is raise awareness about games played by governments and corporations, and how they treat innocent people as pawns in a big game of manipulating history.

We have been known for hacking, yes, because that is our ultimate weapon – as a soldier’s gun, a writer’s pen, and a speaker’s words, but that’s not what they think we do. We seek the truth, we expose lies, then we protest.

Since the governments and corporations have awakened to the truth that we can fight back, and that they cannot fool everyone, they announce so-called “milestones” on how they demonize Anonymous and how they prove to themselves or indoctrinate people that we are “cyber-terrorists”.

To those who are reading this, let me just remind ourselves of who we are:

– If we value ourselves to be higher than others, then we are not Anonymous.
– If we value ourselves to be hackers that terrorize people, then we are not Anonymous.
– If we discriminate any race, religion or philosophy, then we are not Anonymous.
The ideology of Anonymous?

Anonymous does not have a political agenda and no political ideology party.

Anonymous has moral ideologies. The moral ideologies are freedom, especially freedom of speech, justice for the innocent, peace, humanity and defend the innocent also represent the people of that country or community not themselves.

The Anonymous who represents himself, his own greed and ego and is calling himself to be an Anonymous is not an Anonymous. Because you do not become an Anonymous to destroy Anonymous.

We are students,
We are scientists,
We are politicians,
We are religious/non-religious,
We are from all sorts of backgrounds, and profession.

We are legion, for we are one, and we work as many.
We do not forgive the corrupt, for they only think of themselves.
We do not forget the lies these tyrants have told to brainwash people.

They should expect that we can never be dismantled, for we are Anonymous.

Anonymous: The Movie

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