Boney James * Body Language (full album)

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“Body Language” is the sixth album by jazz saxophonist Boney James,
released in 1999. Boney James plays tenor, alto and soprano saxophones in
a style close to Grover Washington, Jr. It’s basically
beguiling, sensual smooth jazz with a gentle but
funky style. From all that I have read
about Boney James, performing onstage is more
important to him than is recording albums. I hope
you all enjoy “Body Language” because it sounds
really good to me, so that I wanted to share it.

January 10, 2018
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Boney James * Body Language
(full album)

Boney James to me
sounds like a more quiet approach to Grover Washington, Jr.’s
music, except on some albums where
he’s more like funky R&B

The Daily Walk with Love, January 10, 2018, by Paul Evans. Featured video is Boney James Body Language ( Full Album ), courtesy of Warner Brothers (© 1999), Gabriel Frost and YouTube (Thanks, Google!). Boney James’ personnel and some rights go to Boney James, Larry Vignon & Brian Jackson. Featured photograph of Boney James, with post-processing by me, is courtesy of The

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Visit the Official Boney James website. Boney has a new album which came out in September, called “Honestly.” At the link you can get this via Amazon or iTunes. Also, check out the official Boney James Facebook page, where you can also buy Honestly or spend time looking through great photographs of Boney. If you’re like most geeks and prefer to buy your music on digital-rights-free, high quality mp3’s (a kind of music I hope never dies a technological death!), check out digital downloads of Boney’s music on, where his albums range in price from $5.99 to $11.49 for “Honesty.”

If you’re in a romantic mood (or want to be), listen to the album here we have for you today by Boney, or Boney James Seduction on YouTube — 43:44. If you’d like, listen to Boney James for free on Pandora or Spotify.

Wikipedia says of Boney James that he was born James Oppenheim on September 1, 1961. There is some debate about the style of music James plays. Most of the radio stations that play his music are smooth jazz radio stations, though some of his albums are more R&B, and all of them have a funky style which is a cut above ordinary smooth jazz, in my book. Wikipedia says he was most influenced by jazz saxophone great Grover Washington, Jr. Of his early career, says that “James toured with Morris Day, the Isley Brothers, Bobby Caldwell and more before releasing his first solo album in 1992.” Wikipedia summarizes his career:

Boney James is a four-time Grammy Award nominee (Best Pop Instrumental Album, 2001, 2004, 2014 and Best Traditional R&B Performance, 2009 ) and a Soul Train Award winner (Best Jazz Album 1998). He has also been honored with two NAACP Image Award nominations for Best Jazz Album. James has sold over 3 million albums and has accumulated four RIAA Certified Gold Records. In 2009 Billboard magazine named James one of the Top 3 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Artists of the Decade.

According to the Boston Globe: “Let’s make something perfectly clear: James is not a smooth jazz player. Yeah, he is often grouped with people like Kenny G and Najee, but his music is muscular and gritty, whereas most smooth jazz has all the texture and complexity of a cue ball…James swaggered across the stage like a blacktop hero draining treys on an overmatched opponent. He even weaved his way through the audience, never missing a beat and all but daring the crowd not to have a good time.”

Of the album in question, Body Language (YouTube, 42:14), I do feel it is of variable quality, good at the beginning and the end of it, lagging a little in the middle somewhat. There is a nice variability in the tempo of various songs which helps keep the listener’s attention. The two singles from Body Language were “Are You Ready” (the first song on the CD) and “I Get Lonely,” a longer song near the end of the CD. Towards the end of the CD, the style changes over into something a little slower and seductive, which I’d love to have playing when MY girl was over at my place, drinking a little wine together… AllMusic only rated this album 3 out of 5 possible stars, but users gave it a 4 1/2 out of 5. I don’t think generally Boney gets the respect and credit he deserves from some of the critics. I wouldn’t carry his music here on The Daily Walk with Love if I didn’t think he was pretty darned good.

You may be interested in The Very Best Of Smooth Jazz Saxophone, YouTube — 1:28:13, which does not, however, in any way identify the songs you are listening to, and seems to have a bias towards soprano saxophone.

Boney James * Body Language
(full album)

Track List

1. “Are You Ready?” 5:02
2. “Into the Blue” 4:33
3. “Body Language” 4:55
4. “I’ll Always Love You” 4:26
5. “Boneyizm” 4:27
6. “Love Fest” 4:45
7. “Bedtime Story” 4:25
8. “I Get Lonely” 5:31
9. “All Night Long” 4:10

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