Bon Jovi Music Fest: Four Rock Videos from The Circle

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Bon Jovi Music Fest:
Four Rock Videos from 2009’s ‘The Circle’

With a Special Note of Encouragement For All Those
Who Work at Wooster Community Hospital

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), July 8, 2019, by Paul Evans, please visit the official Bon Jovi website and read about Bon Jovi on Wikipedia.

‘The Circle is Bon Jovi’s Really Good
But Overlooked Album from 2009.
All These Rock Videos are from The Circle.

The Lord Loves All of You Great Folks
Who Work so Selflessly Here at
Wooster Community Hospital,

With Special Love and Encouragement
for those who work in the ER. Ladies, I am somehow 62, but I found a way to somewhat reverse my diabetes, to lose 70 pounds and get a HGa1C reading of 5.3, which is essentially non diabetic, just send an email to me, Paul, at I already published an l on this here, but I certainly have no wish to offend anyone, certainly not the big pharmaceutical companies. Even if you just need a friend to talk with, my own family have all died, I sure could use a friend to talk with: I always can make the time for a friend.

This article has a long history, originally being published way back in 2014 on my old site, Evans Politics, which (mercifully) is no more. Parents, do NOT let you children go into politics as a career. It will corrupt you, ruin your values, and also we see now that bipartisanship is dead… it’s just a mess. It’s like Sting, of Sting of the the Police, said in a song, I’ve lost my faith in politicians in general… “They all seem like game show hosts to me… or like good old Henry Kissinger said, “90 percent of corrupt politicians give the other ten percent a bad name.” Sad.

Bon Jovi
We Weren’t Born to Follow

Bon Jovi
Work for the Working Man

Bon Jovi
When We Were Beautiful

Bon Jovi
Love’s the Only Rule

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