Black Crowes – playlist: “She Talks to Angels”

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Here is music that “gets it” about addiction
and other difficult social issues by The Black Crowes
and other bands, along with links to addiction resources
and opportunities to help out.

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November 3, 2017
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Black Crowes – playlist:
“She Talks to Angels”

In loving friendship with all those
who suffer from addiction issues

The Daily Walk with Love, updated November 3, 2017, by Paul Evans, video is She Talks to Angels (original version). These musicians get “down and dirty” life such as inner city life, such as trying to get by on a small disability each month and living paycheck to paycheck, they “get” addiction, and they have a great sound too. Some people don’t even get a disability check, right? As for the well-off (the rich) in today’s society, I have a question for you: how can you drive through any inner city, and see the crumbling walls and infrastructure and suffering there, which is very evident, and not be moved to compassion for your fellow man? Don’t you know that each of these is just as important to God as you are? Do you even really, in your heart of hearts believe in God, or are you only oriented towards society. Are you totally dead to any concern for your fellow man? You call yourselves Christian but ARE YOU loving your neighbor as yourself, what do you think Jesus will say when you die? So here is an opportunity: At least consider making a donation to the Akron-Canton regional food bank or maybe Compassion International (where $38 a month cares for a needy child, including his/her Christian education). You will feel so much better if you do you part and help out your fellow man. Please, in Jesus’ name, make a contribution!

To those who suffer from heroin addiction: my heart goes out to you. HOW IS it always their fault?? A teenager at a party can simply be somewhat drunk and a “cool” pusher-type guy may come up to them and say “Hey man, you gotta try this,” and then one push and the kid’s life is essentially over. It is not a question of fault or even choice, once you are hooked, at all. Please feel encouraged to email and chat with me. I DON’T have money (no matter what, believe it, and I don’t make exceptions), but I do have a LOT of love and understanding, and quite a bit of experience. Also please feel encouraged to look over the resources and links at our page, Addiction and Rehab Resources. At the start of that article I say: “Brothers and sisters, let’s forget about judging each other, and escape this social matrix into a place which we alone build here, where we can truly ‘love our neighbors as ourselves.’ Even failing that, a kind word is never misspoken.” God loves an addict just as much as he loves a cop, and God Bless us all.

The Black Crowes
She Talks to Angels

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