Beauty: Getting Past the “Maya” of Your Mind and Thinking with Your Heart

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The mind is seen as not a terribly
available help to us in our inner life. Of course, it is good
to think well, but in terms of emotional intelligence and Caring,
it is maya, illusion, whereas the spirituality in our heart and soul
is a wonderful help “…and her name is Wisdom”

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Originally publised in 2016
republished May 10, 2020
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Beauty: Getting Past the “Maya”
of Your Mind and Thinking with Your Heart

If you want to have emotional intelligence and be caring,
Learn to “Listen and think with Your Heart”

The Daily Walk with Love, updated May 10, 2020, by Paul Evans. Included image courtesy of, with music video MIX (playlist): Open the Eyes of My Heart. About two years ago a friend suggested I start trying to actually “think with my heart.” Ever since then I have thought about this, keeping the very idea of it alive in the back of my mind, as I went through so very many of life’s travails and suffering.

beautiful saying about spirituality and the heart from SpiritualHealth

I think the truth and lesson here can easily be underestimated in the impact it can have in a person’s life. As the Zen teacher Alan Watts warned us wannabe philosophers, “the mind seeking the mind, is this not the greatest of all errors?” That’s just the sum and total of it, don’t you see? This “spirituality” in the mind is more correctly seen as not even terribly an available help to us. Spirituality in our minds “feels good” there, sure. But this is what the yoga people call “maya,” (or illusion), basically while apparently it is a physical reality, nonetheless it is NOT any sort of available aid in any important way, and so it’s a bit of an illusion. In yoga, the word “maya” and the English word “illusion” are pretty much synonymous.

But the spirituality in our heart and our soul (or solar plexis area) IS a real help, it is where we find the strength to keep carrying on. (Proverbs: “…and her name is Wisdom.”) Not only is it a physical reality, but it is a very real resource and help when we suffer or need to find the strength to keep on going. And living from the heart gives us much joy. This is similar to what I mean when I say that being kind makes us kind, and this makes us happy, it’s in the very design of things. And that’s really what we’re all after, isn’t it? This is what I mean when I say you must learn to “think with your heart.” Blessed be the name of the Lord. And do not be faint-hearted or feel bad if you are lacking here. Remember Jesus’ words, “Blessed are those who are poor in spirit, for they shall know God.” I publish this now in the hopes that some of my readers might find hope with this overall idea, and I pray that it misleads none of you. Do not approach some of my thoughts superficially, like a lot here, these are not ideas just for Christians. I certainly hope Christians benefit (especially since I am a spiritual Christian myself), but these IDEAS are for everybody. Some of them can be hard lessons to learn, and the wisdom of them costs. Anyone who wants to talk more about these ideas are encouraged to email me at

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