Avalanche : The Golden Sun, Woodstock & Comparative Theology

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Avalanche : The Golden Sun – video about Woodstock is
about “finding our way back to the garden,” also
with a discussion about the Egyptian god
Ra and the relation to Apollo and
the one true God YWH

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July 17, 2020
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Avalanche : The Golden Sun, Woodstock
& Comparative Theology

Peace and Love:
about the lost age of American innocence
Which is epitomised by the Woodstock concert,
music by Avalanche from 2012, with some interesting
ideas from Christian comparative religion

The Daily Walk with Love, updated July 17, 2020, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of YouTube and Avalanche, featured photograph courtesy of AP Photoworks and Twitter.com:

It seems to me that some of these ideas represent high Masonic truths, but they really ARE the truth, and I thought my readers ought to know them: Here are a couple other, scary facts you may not know: did you know that the ancient Greek name for Saturn is “Chronos,” as in chronology, as in time? Or that (look it up in any good dictionary) Lucifer is Venus in the morning? Wow.

It seems to me that there are Many conceptions of what is Holy, but there is a huge controversy about whether that Holiness exists more in terms of Light, which is what most Christians believe, or in terms of Life, which (so far as I know) is what most witches believe. Jesus, it seems to me, in at least one place in the Gospels, said that BOTH are Holy when he said, “God is life, in Him is no darkness at all. (At least, this is what that statement says to me, how do you feel about it?)

The video here is a particular favorite of mine, since I was friends with the lead singer of Avalanche, Mike, who has since passed on, R.I.P. God Bless you Mike! This video used to be on my old site Evans Politics, which doesn’t presently exist. Mike and I became good friends on Facebook, and knowing him helped me and made my life better.

The Daily Bible verse at The Official King James Bible Online for October 7, 2016, date of original publication, was Romans 12:2 – “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Comparative Christian Theology

The sun, says Edith Hamilton in her book on mythology, is basically (in terms of comparative religion) the same as the Greco-Roman (pagan) god Apollo. Equally, in the gospels, the phrases “son of man” and “sun of man” are used in the same sentence by Jesus. Truly, in one understanding of God, He is Light, all the Light of the Universe. My studies of comparative religion over the last 37 years have shown that the same very real reality underlies all religions and mythologies. It’s all “different flavors of the same ice cream.” Equally, in Egyptian times, during the second dynasty reign of Iknaten, Ra was worshiped as the sun god over all. This was, incidentally, about the same time the Hebrews were in Egypt, mostly as slaves. Thus, Ra would be the linear predecessor of our Judeo-Christian Yahweh. Ra probably should not be thought of as the same God as YWH, (after all, Ra was but one God of many in the Egyptian pantheon), but it may be through Ra that the ancient Hebrews were inspired to know YWH and worship Him. God Bless and Blessed Be the name of the Lord!

More Mythologically Understood, Comparative
Christian Theology, and Particle Physics

YWH, is NOT Zeus or Jupiter, (known in the Bible as Jehovah), YWH should be thought of as “all the light in the universe.” The Bible says “God is Life; in Him is no darkness at all. I used to think the second half of that sentence was mainly metaphorical. Well, live and learn. Surely with any elementary knowledge of particle physics at all, we can see that the “particle of light,” photons, is fundamentally different than the rest of matter. Photons, you see, have a charge, and a given size and charge and properties, but have no mass at all. Even the 84 percent of the mass of the universe which is dark matter is underlain by the so-called “God particle,” about one hundred such particles make up each particle of dark matter, which has a very small mass and a definite but small charge. The main distinction we should make, then, in understanding the yin-yang, and a better way to think about it, then is between yang (Light, YWH) and matter as conventionally understood, or yin. Thus we can see that the terminology is all wrong and the TRUE God particle is in fact the photon. Light comes from stars, and quasars, nebulae and the reflections off of black holes, too, because that which is perfect cannot be destroyed. Thus the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which in fact is a huge black hole, glows white from the reflected light. In regards to Jehovah, scientists classify Jupiter as a brown dwarf star, and it is one of two objects in the solar system which give off more energy then they receive, the sun being the other. I could understand someone feeling that, in terms of this solar system, Jehovah is the Father while Jesus-Appolo-Ra is the Son. (That is the way Greco-Roman mythology describes it, anyway.) Light is the most sacred thing there is, and from it comes Life and Love. This (Light and Life and Love) is in fact the true Holy Trinity, three aspects or personas of YWH.

a banner calling for the coexistence and acceptance of all religions

A truth directly inspired by Jesus: Knowledge with understanding worked by Love through Faith is Power in The Holy Ghost. This is an idea and truth from my teacher, Paul Yuhanick, about faith held by many Christians: Read your Bible to know God!

Avalanche (the band)

Paul Evans: I met one of Avalanche’s band members via downloading a few of their tracks and sending him a note of appreciation. His name was Mike, and he was a good friend to me. He generously allowed me to stream ten of Avalanche’s songs, and they were a great addition to the site. (Perhaps someday soon I may stream them on this site, “if I can find the time,” lol.) The relationship developed into a nice friendship, which lapsed for a couple year while I was going through a bad time in my life. The Mike’s girlfriend, on Facebook, told me the bad news.

A couple of years ago, Mike’s girlfriend let me know that Mike, the lead singer of Avalanche, has passed away into Jesus’ loving arms. I know that Mike is in heaven, smiling down on us. He was one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the honor of calling ‘friend.’

The Real Principles of Woodstock

The Golden Sun music video looks back at the golden age of Woodstock and a lost age of American innocence and wonders if it is gone forever. I personally might well have concluded that this song was somewhat about Jesus but Mike told me personally over the phone that this is all about the golden age of Woodstock, and (perhaps) what society could be like, if we just tried a little harder. We are a people who have such self-confidence that we are Christian and yet we act hatefully to our fellow man and even to ourselves. Don’t affirm hate and death and animal lust. Affirm love and life and caring. In terms of sexuality, follow Romans 7:7 and if you do find the one woman of your life, or even if you’ve been around the block a time or two, make love, don’t live just for the orgasm. And DON’T let money be your morality. If enough of us did these simple things, which are really not so hard to do, maybe we would be worthy, collectively, of us calling ourselves a Christian society. Regardless of what The Golden Sun is about (and perhaps it means different things to different people), I found this video to be very moving and really great music, and I hope you will, too. It gives me great pleasure to say here that Mike is a principal “spirit guide” to me and often helps me find the words and ideas I need to try to write for you all. He is my guardian angel.

Avalanche was a noteworthy group back in the seventies, who even toured with and opened for AC/DC. They toured with Derringer, too. There is an excellent 48 minute documentary about Avalanche on YouTube. See what you think of this “Golden Sun” music and video, below. It’s very moving, beautiful easy rock.

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