Avalanche : The Golden Sun – video about Woodstock

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Avalanche : The Golden Sun – video about Woodstock

The peace and love from a Woodstock performance
in a new version by Avalanche from 2010

Free Music57, republished January 11, 2015 and May 28, 2014, originally published February 22, 2014, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of YouTube and Avalanche:

A truth directly inspired by Jesus: "Knowledge with understanding worked by Love through Faith is Power in The Holy Ghost." An idea from my teacher, Paul Yuhanick, about faith held by many Christians: Read your Bible to know God!

Paul Evans: I met one of Avalanche’s band members via downloading a few of their tracks and sending him a note of appreciation. His name was Mike, and he was a good friend to me. He generously allowed me to stream ten of Avalanche’s songs, and they were a great addition to the site. The relationship developed into a nice friendship.

Mike’s girlfriend recently let me know that Mike, the lead singer of Avalanche, has passed away into Jesus’ loving arms. I know that Mike is in heaven, smiling down on us. He was one of the most beautiful people I have ever had the honor of calling ‘friend.’

The Golden Sun looks back at the golden age of Woodstock and a lost age of American innocence and wonders if it is gone forever. I personally might well have concluded that this song was somewhat about Jesus but Mike told me personally over the phone that this is all about the golden age of Woodstock, and (perhaps) what society could be like, if we just tried a little harder. We are a people who have such self-confidence that we are Christian and yet we act hatefully to our fellow man and even to ourselves. Don’t affirm hate and death and animal lust. Affirm love and life and caring. If enough of us did that maybe we would be worthy, collectively, of us calling ourselves a Christian society. Regardless of what The Golden Sun is about (and perhaps it means different things to different people), I found this video to be very moving and really great music, and I hope you will, too.

Avalanche was a noteworthy group back in the seventies, who even toured with and opened for AC/DC. See what you think of this music and video.

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