Autoimmune Issues, Male Sexuality and Antihistamines

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I don’t think my lack of full control of sexuality has anything
to DO with my smoking, I just have a very unusually
bad addiction history with smoking. I believe that men
develop an autoimmune sort of “allergy” to their own
sperm as they pass their 40s and age, without any sort of male
menopause. By the late 40s, women have already gone
through menopause and “don’t much feel like” having sex
any more. This leads to tensions, misunderstandings and sometimes to the break-up of marriages… as, simply to get some
relief, men will “stray” if their needs are not helped by their partner. It’s as if men develop an “allergy” to their own semen.
Frankly, ladies, either you give your man some relief, or he is either going to turn to porn, or else cheat. This is actually biologically necessary for him, you see. Since science is exploring treatment of almost any autoimmune diseases with antihistamines, this might offer some relief.
Claritin D and Benadryl help me, and you get used
to taking Benadryl without getting sleepy.

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Autoimmune Issues,
Male Sexuality and Antihistamines

Science is Actively Assessing
the Treatment of Autoimmune Disorders
with Antihistamines. Could Men Become
Allergic to Sperm with Aging?

The Daily Walk with Love, republished with editing, July 27, 2020, by Paul Evans. I have been thinking about this and studying it for several years now. I feel that medical science should give the idea some attention. Included photography courtesy of

THE LIMBIC BRAIN, AUTOIMMUNE ISSUES, MALE SEXUALITY AND ANTIHISTAMINES: The limbic brain is the most primitive part of the “triune brain.” It’s at the base of the brain and controls really primitive stuff, like a person’s “fight or flight” responses to danger, or threats, and also I think it largely controls human sexuality.[(In some ways our lives can be viewed as a battle between the id (limbic brain) and the superego (neocortex) for control over the ego (reptilian or mid-brain). Science, understanding the link as they do between the autoimmune system and cancer, is actively studying treating it with certain antihistamines (this is an active area of research)].

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It’s kind of weird I have total control over the fight or flight reflex and yet not sexuality or smoking… is that why everybody’s on my case to quit smoking??? I personally think that the belief that smoking and sexuality are connected in any way is totally bogus. Any connection between smoking and sexuality is an old wives tale, a totally unproven superstition. (For those who don’t know, many fundamentalists tend to believe in a “demon of nicotine,” although I see no statistical correlation between frequency of male sexuality and consumption of nicotine, at all.)

I don’t think my lack of control of sexuality (which ISN’T bad, by the way) has anything to DO with my smoking, I just have a very unusually bad addiction history with that. The reason, like many men, in their late middle age is… the body develops autoimmune issues with the sperm for some men, so they have to be sexual quite often, and then they get relief.. I feel it is this basic and simple. And sexuality is exactly (metaphorically) like an “itch,” too, you scratch it, you just make the itch worse. You want your neocortical brain controlling your ego’s sexuality urges, NOT your limbic system. But it may be more physical than that, it may be an autoimmune issue.

Because it is an autoimmune issue with sperm, it finds some relief by the consumption of antihistamines, for me, in particular, Benedryl helps. The older men’s “sewing their wild oats” and need for sexuality, then, could be somewhat treated or combatted by consumption of antihistamines. (That is, IF a man would want to “reign it in” somewhat, lol.) I think that almost all autoimmune issues, even cancer, since they act upon the body as if acted upon by an allergy, might be treated with appropriate consumption of various antihistamines. I feel that this is something which strongly needs to be researched by science. I have heard and read that antihistamines are being actively researched as a treatment for cancer, for example, which IS basically a bad expression of the body’s autoimmune system. I think that male sexuality may work in a similar way and be a purely (or mainly) bio-physical response.

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