Anti-Drug Music Video: Captain Jack – Billy Joel

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November 17, 2015
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Anti-Drug Music Video
“Captain Jack” – Billy Joel
Please Say a Prayer for
Heroin addicts and all who are addicted

The Barbaric and Medeival Practice of Criminalizing
Addiction Must End Soon

The Daily Walk with Miraces, (formerly Free Music57), republished February 8, 2015, originally published March 20, 2011, by Paul Evans:

I originally published this piece on March 20, 2011. It’s a good song from back in the late seventies. When someone told me, back in 1975 or 76, when I became well aware of this song, that it was about heroin, I thought that this was such a cool name for this drug, heroin. Billy Joel himself says that he wrote the piece as an anti-drug song back in 1971. The local pusher in the projects outside of Joel’s apartment was named "Captain Jack" and I’m not sure, but I believe that because of this song, Captain Jack became another slang name for heroin, itself.

I had no idea what a destructive force heroin is in people’s lives until 2010, when I came to know well some people who were addicted to the drug. Only TEN PERCENT of people who become addicted to heroin ever break free of the addiction for as long as a year. So people, this song may be gloriously shocking, as Billy Joel intended, but if you have HALF a brain in your your head, you will NEVER, EVER try this drug heroin. (And F.Y.I. once you’re hoooked, which can be after one dose, it costs $40 or $60 a day to stay out of withdrawal.

Please Say A Prayer For Heroin Addicts

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Heroin: From what I have seen, with heroin there is such a terrible fear of the withdrawal process that a heroin junkie will do almost anything to get the next fix. This absolutely physical longing and needing starts not much more than about an hour after the previous dose. This means, unfortunately, that knowing one would go through a three to five-days, full withdrawal process in a rehab center/detox facility, the addict will strongly resist going through detox… and gives the addiction even more power over them. Besides, how would the addict pay for rehab, having no medical insurance? Most of the time, even unconditional love cannot reach them. Still, know that there ARE people who care. I lived with a heroin addict for over two years, I know the power of addiction.

I did see that one good method for withdrawal is (to get your doctor to prescribe for you) to get enough Xanax so that you can sleep through the worst of the withdrawal. Did you know that Obamacare pays for ten million addicts to receive free rehab, whether they have health insurance or not? Thank God for small favors, and that one’s not so small, is it? On Obamacare, I’m equivocal about the Affordable Health Care act, I see both points of view on many aspects of it, yet as my Dad said, “the true test of a peace of legislation is NOT what it looks like now, but what they think of it in 50 years.” I do have hope for Obamacare.)

Since this is a kind of reminiscence about days long past for me, Let me say that America should legalize marijuana really soon. I was sooo disappointed by the recent vote on legalization in Ohio. Marijuana is not a “drug” at all, but a beneficial green her, isn’t it? “And God gave man every green herb….” (Genesis 1: 29-31). Weed isn’t a drug anyway, it’s an herb. A “drug” is something synthetically produced or altered, often not from nature at all, or at any rate chemically produced. Did you know that fully 27 percent of African-Americans of all ages and both genders have spent time in jail or prison for possession or distribution of marijuana? I no longer smoke it, but people, 2004: deaths from alcohol – 44,000, deaths from marijuana — 19, all marijuana and something else. There has never been a recorded, documented case of marijuana alone causing a single death. OK, so much for the rant (or contention), but really, enough is enough. Legalize marijuana now! It’s not very addictive, either. I know that I had no problems when I quit. I can’t smoke it, I’m too allergic to it. I am allergic to dust, nicotine and especially THC. Also barley (sadly, no beer for me) and also artificial fragrances and also sulfa drugs. If I ever take more than a couple of tokes, I basically can’t breathe at all for the next hour. (But it doesn’t work this way for most people, and the government should legalize weed as soon as possible.) Heck, even Newt Gringrich and Sarah Palin have been said to indulge, and I KNOW Barack lights up occasionally! And weed is actually good for you. Compare going to be nauseated and with a bloated stomach and head that drinking can get you verses going to be bemused and drifting off to sleep with good dreams which smoking weed usually gets you. I think this sounds like you grudge the poor the happiness of having the consolation of smoking… Not cool at all….

Please say a prayer to whomever you pray to for the junkies (and all who are addicted) in this world. You can be addicted to so many things in this world, just as I am addicted to writing, blogging, programming, sugar (because of diabetes) and especially cigarettes. By the way, if you see someone who might look like an addict begging at a gas station, for heaven’s sake, at least buy the poor person a pack of smokes, and maybe buy them $10 worth of gas, it would make their day, and these gifts don’t feed their habit, either.

Back in 2011, the rationale for writing this article was — and still is — I’m NOT trying to shock you, but people need to know about this stuff. And it’s NOT the junkies fault. The drug takes the place of nature as the ONLY way the brain can produce endorphins, the “feel good” hormone… so they become programmed into it. And maybe their only fault was to be at some party as a teenager, and get cornered by the local pusher after getting a little drunk and he says “Hey man, you gotta try this…. and the person’s life was over right there. It is a terrible, grievous problem for society. Weed isn’t.

What are You addicted to? Hot women (or men)? Fast cars? The better life? Money itself? Blogging? Love or sex? Control? Clothes or shoes? The internet, Facebook or Twitter? Sports cars? Sports? Gambling? We ALL have addiction issues, we are all sinners. “For none is righteous. No, not one.”

Someone needs to help and pray for the heroin addicts, and all those who are sunk into full addiction — Society would like to pretend that they do not exist, or that they are evil and to be avoided at all costs. But you know in your heart that God loves the heroin junkies of this world just as much as the police officers. Please just join me in a simple prayer of healing. May the God who brings peace and peace of mind be good to you. Amen.~~ Paul

Billy Joel — Captain Jack
(Live at Shea Stadium)

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