…And so This is Winter (??)

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I have been surfing the web this
early Saturday morning, January 11th, 2020,
trying to find some interesting quotes and stories
for you about all the warm weather we have been
having this January. I found out that year-to-year
big swings in average temperature are not so very unusual
(more on this below). For me personally, if I wake up
in the middle of the night and feel like smoking
a cigarette, I have to do that out in the garage,
because where I live we are not allowed to smoke inside
at all. So it’s great for me (and I’m sure for commuters
as well) to not have to deal with all the ice and snow.
I know that global warming is real, and so this is probably
not politically correct, but gee, I can’t help smiling,
(or even grinning), at the weather and enjoying it a lot.

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January 11, 2020
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…And so This is Winter (??)

Is it Time to Break Out
the Suntan lotion quite yet?

The Daily Walk with Love, January 11, 2020, by Paul Evans. featured photograph from unknown source, but thanks, Google.

The title of this article is inspired by the song by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, “…And So This is Christmas (War is Over). If only the militarists would apply all their abilities and mental skills to make the world a better place to live for ALL our children, maybe we might even have mid-eastern peace, please guys?

I came across a Scientific American for January 23, 1858, which I will note was posted under gthe category “Sustainability,” from which I will just make a little quote for you:

Thus far, we have had the wal’mest and most pleasant winter weather within the memory of man. The fields are green, the cattle browse in the meadows, the frogs croak in the swamps, and the farmers plow in the fields —it has been May, not common December and January weather.

The article then (also) points out that the two winters before 1858 were bitterly, icy cold winters. Really, modern thermometers were only invented in 1714 (thanks, Google), so we are only working with 300 years of data, and to me, with ten years of college in geology and earth science, honestly it is hard to draw the general conclusion that global warming is so very terrible with just 300 years of data. Geologists speak more in terms of millions of years. I know there is some excellent work being done using ice cores and dendrology (the study of tree rings), which may be giving us temperature data for several thousand years.

In terms of political correctness, See Is It Okay to Enjoy the Warm Winters of Climate Change?, The Atlantic, February 23, 2017, by Robinson Meyer.

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