An Apology to Mexicans and a Defense of The Wall

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To the Mexican people I say, I’m SORRY
about the whole Wall thing, it (seems) stupid
and I bet Trump Knows it seems stupid,
but there are good reasons for it. There is
also a better solution. Legalize Cannabis now!

Donald Trump 2016
“Make America Great Again!”

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May 7, 2017
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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An Apology to Mexicans
and a Defense of the Wall

On the evil of genetically modified seeds,
the fight in Mexico against the drug lords
and reasons for the Wall.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, updated May 7, 2017, by Paul Evans. The video for this article is the playlist for the David Crowder Band, forgiven. The included photograph is courtesy of Tumblr. The “lecture” of sorts was “preaching to the choir,” since the lady I first wrote this for already “knows the score,” and lives in Mexico.

PAUL EVANS: I just wrote this for a Mexican friend of mine: “You will probably (on the face of it, want to) hate me because I support Donald Trump… Clinton would have destroyed the average man.. really the common people get a hard deal under #Trump but the #Illuminati want to liquidate the common man, not Trump, he’s for getting us all decent #jobs.

I’m SORRY about the whole Wall thing, it (seems) stupid and I bet Trump Knows it seems stupid, but there are good reasons for it. There is also a better solution. Partly, Trump is playing that game for the Republican base voter. The economy is so bad right now that more Hispanics are LEAVING the United States than entering it. What’re we building a wall to keep them in? So it would seem. Even so, as the American economy heats up (adding 135,000 jobs in April), we could do worse than to build a wall, when really, that is treating a symptom rather than the disease itself, which is America’s drug scourge.

U.S. National & World News

Please visit the Haven of Rest Ministries organization’s homeless shelter in Akron, Ohio’s website. Did you know that $1.92 buys a homeless man or woman a meal? Did you know that there are 320,000 homeless veterans in America? Most of it, I think, is “post traumatic stress disorder,” but it is a shameful statistic. There are also a lot of homeless young people in their twenties, as well as older “has beens” or “never were’s.” Do you CARE? Can you help? Even $10 or $20 helps a LOT.

IN THE NEWS: See Macron to become France’s youngest president, The Boston Globe, World, May 7, 2017, by Griff Witte and Isaac Stanley-Becker. Macron received almost 65 percent of the vote, but now must persevere and get enough of his new party En Marche elected in parliamentary elections in about a month:

PARIS — France on Sunday shrugged off the siren call of right-wing populism that enchanted voters in the United States and United Kingdom, rejecting anti-E.U. firebrand Marine Le Pen and choosing as its next president Emmanuel Macron, a centrist political neophyte who has pledged to revive both his struggling country and the flailing continent.

…by bucking France’s traditional parties and launching his own movement – En Marche, or Onward — Macron managed to cast himself as the outsider the country needs. And by unapologetically embracing the European Union, immigration and the multicultural tableau of modern France, he positioned himself as the optimistic and progressive antidote to the dark and reactionary vision of Le Pen’s National Front.

We certainly called the French election wrong. It seems primarily to have been a referendum on the European Union and France’s place in it. Even a month ago, it looked like Le Pen might “take it.” See Le Pen Leads France’s Next Revolution, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 23, 2017 (republication with additions), by Paul Evans. Head of Rubbermaid and College of Wooster President Stanley Gault told us in high school to always admit your mistakes as soon as you become aware of them. French voters got to vote, apparently, for continuity and change at the same time, and Macron used those very bywords to help him get elected. But can he produce with his new centrist political party?

See Judge Jeanine Sounds Off on Hillary’s New ‘Resistance’, Fox News Insider, May 5, 2017, as seen on Fox & Friends. Hillary has given the DNC all her email contacts, which adds some 3.5 million email addresses and is a distinct problem for the GOP in future elections.

See Trump has been sued 134 times in federal court since inauguration, The Boston Globe, May 5, 2017, by Matt Viser: “Trump has been sued 134 times in federal court since he was sworn into office, according to a Globe tally based on federal court databases, nearly three times the number of his three predecessors in their early months combined.” Doesn’t that sound a little extreme, even against the strong austerity moves the President has made? It sounds WAY extreme to me.

But also see AZ Sheriff Opposes Border Wall: ‘Medieval Solution to a Modern Problem’, Fox News Insider, May 5, 2017, As seen on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

What all the fuss
about The Wall is Really about

You want to stop the drug violence and dis-empower the street gangs both in Mexico and here? Simply legalize Cannabis, which would also gain for the U.S. a large income. Building a wall is treating the symptoms, not curing it, which legalizing weed would help to do. This, to the knowledgeable man, is the obvious solution. It’s the OBVIOUS solution. If only President Trump might be so brave!

don't drink and drive smoke and fly advocating the legalization of Cannabis

A big part of the purpose of the Wall is to keep dangerous drugs OUT, and in so doing to dis-empower both the street gangs and drug lords. The Mexican drug lords are exchanging drugs for advanced weapons across the border, and it’s doing a number on Mexico’s people and economy. Really, in this sense, the Wall is not such a bad idea. If we just legalized Cannabis in this country, you’d take a LOT of power away from the drug lords and the street gangs, too. The U.S. would gain $20 billion in revenue — at least — in taxes and regulatory fees, and the hold of the Mexican drug lords on their people and of the street gangs in the United States would be greatly reduced… if Cannabis were simply legalized. Many people who wouldn’t touch truly dangerous drugs smoke weed. It is healthy and it allows one great creativity, or at least does little harm, far less than alcohol. Cannabis isn’t even a drug (something synthetically produced), but a healthful green herb that the pharmaceutical giants, the mob and the private prison industry ALL are trying evilly to keep illegal. And last election in Ohio, the pharmaceutical giants paid off the doctors to write editorials against legalization all over the state of Ohio and probably anywhere the issue of legalization was on the ballot. It was a question of money exchanging hands, and was disgusting. Weed is legal for recreational use now in six states: it’s only a matter of time till it’s legal everywhere. Why not simply legalize now, nationally: See Genesis 1:29-31 – “and God gave man every green herb …and it was very good.

The Truth on Cannabis

I both like and medically really need weed, but I don’t smoke it now with it being illegal, and I’m sure there are many people who feel the same but would smoke it if legal. However, in a study of 20 states or nations where some or all drugs were legalized or decriminalized, there was NO increase in drug use. OK, deaths annually from Alzheimers: 87,000; deaths 2004 from alcohol: 44,000; deaths 2004 from smoking Cannabis: 19 (that’s the correct figure), all weed and something else, there has NEVER been one documented case of marijuana alone causing a single death, ever. You get too high and you fall asleep and have interesting, pleasant dreams. Cannabis isn’t the “gateway drug,” either, that distinction belongs to alcohol. I wish the mob and the street gangs and Big Pharma and the private prison industry did not ALL stand in the way of legalization. The movement to legalize weed WILL succeed, it’s just a matter of time and the internet fixing people’s bad misapprehensions about this basically harmless, healthy herb. Why, you stand more of a chance of drowning in your bathtub than you do of weed killing you.

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and the Trump administration is talking about ending that via national regulations against it. This is a really terrible idea. Get real, President Trump.

I know politics dear ones. Politics is stupid and evil and ugly. But Donald Trump is a good man.

I am very very sorry for the raw deal the Mexican peasants have gotten.. it’s terrible, I read this book by B. Traven called “The Rebellion of the Hanged” (Amazon paperback, $3.99), which told about it perfectly [(B. Traven was a mysterious figure who also wrote “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (Amazon paperback, $2.99), which is much better known.)] Part of it is that evil Monsanto trying to push its genetically modified seed on the peasants in Mexico, who want to plant their traditional corn: You idiots are changing the whole human genome with your genetically modified sh*t. It may just cause our extinction, too.

It’s almost civil war between the Federales and the Mexican Cartel. See Violence cost Mexico 18% of its GDP last year, report says, Fox News, April 4, 2017, by EFE. You have to find a way to end this violence and disempower the Cartel; you could start by legalizing weed:

MEXICO CITY – Violence cost Mexico the equivalent of 18 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016, a year when the homicide rate rose, the 2017 Mexico Peace Index report said Tuesday.

The cost of the violence amounted to 25,000 pesos ($1,335) per person last year, Mexican Institute for the Economy and Peace coordinator Patricia de Obeso told EFE.

Overall, I TRUST Trump to get it right. It WON’T be pretty, the life of the common man is changing, but there WILL be JOBS for everyone before too much longer. ALL Americans need to support the President!

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