America Searching for a Syrian strategy

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It seems to me that the FIRST thing
America really needs to do is get Russia
and us on the same page about Syria, overall.
The problem of Syrian refugees remains acute.

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April 6, 2017
Justice is Coming!

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America Searching for
a Syrian strategy

Don’t we, in the first place,
need to be on the same page as Russia
and have a unified strategy in Syria?

The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 9, 2017, by Paul Evans. Syria is a place of unspeakable horrors and death. The refugees from Syria (and Western Iraq) form an almost overwhelming dilemma for the U.S. and other western nations. Photograph courtesy of White House and The Associated Press. Here we simply are providing you with a summary of a Boston Globe article, Searching for a Syrian strategy, and America’s moral compass, The Boston Globe, April 7, 2017, by Richard North Patterson:

On Tuesday, the Russian–backed Syrian regime killed more than 80 people, including children, with chemical weapons. Two days later the US struck a Syrian air base in an act of reprisal and deterrence.

This attack was morally justified. Bashar Assad’s barbarous recourse to sarin gas, but his latest mass atrocity, violated a 2013 agreement between his regime, the United States, and Russia to forswear chemical weapons. One must consider how we got here, and what must come next. An airstrike is a tactic, not a strategy, and the tragedy of Syria combines the gravest moral considerations with agonizing geopolitical complexities aggravated by prior American mistakes.

It seems to me that the FIRST thing America really needs to do is get Russia and us on the same page about Syria, overall. See Why All the Fuss About Syrian Refugees?, The Daily Walk with Miracles, April 6, 2017, by Paul Evans. The brutal Syrian regime of Assad seems to be at this point strongest within the borders of Syria, with Islamic State second and the Free Syrian forces bringing up the rear. There was a time when it looked like those Free Syria forces might liberate Syria, but that was back when IS was actually their ally. Syria (Assad) is itself supported by Russia, while the U.S. is against Assad AND ISIS of course, but being savvy has not donated that many resources to the Free Syrian Army. Then when you bring in the additional problem of the refugees from this terrible war, well, pray to God, won’t you my Christian brothers and sisters, for the suffering Syrian people.

From the Fifth Dimension, Age of Aquarius 1969, which has the following prophecy:

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then Peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”

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