“America First”: Trump Warns Companies Against “Expensive Mistake”

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Here’s Donald Trump’s 35 percent tariff of products
from American companies who ship American jobs overseas:
THIS is our new business climate — America First!

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December 2, 2016

Donald Trump 2016
“Make America Great Again!”

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“America First”: Trump Warns Companies
Against “Expensive Mistake”

Trump will impose a 35% tariff
on all companies headquartered in the U.S.
who ship jobs overseas: Hallelujah!

The Daily Walk with Miracles, December 5, 2016, by Paul Evans, video is Trump vows 35% tax on companies that leave the US (or send U.S. jobs overseas), U.S.A. News on YouTube, December 4, 2016 — 4:03.

Donald Trump recently released another of his “Twitter-storms,” sounding off against an American company, Rexnord, that planned on shipping the jobs of 300 Indiana workers overseas. He made clear that any such product made overseas and sold in the U.S. would be subject to a 35 percent tax or tariff, brightening the hearts of millions of American workers. Deplorables, THIS is why we elected Donald Trump!

O.K., Anonymous, Donald Trump has some skeletons in his closet. Really any man who might get to the very pinnacle of power in America would have to, wouldn’t he? Let’s allow Donald to step forward into a new life, because everything he’s done so far has pretty much made sense. Many of the moves Donald Trump has made since being elected have resonated with me, and given me hope that Trump is not rigidly bound to any particular economic ideology except fairness and what is right and good for America. See Donald Trump in the News, The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 17, 2016, by Paul Evans, in which it was described how Donald Trump is making all the right moves, removing lobbyists from his transition team, planning on a $1 Trillion infrastructure push, and a huge push to reform and remove regulatory barriers for a better climate for corporations to locate and invest in America. Way to go, Donald!

See our recent Suggested: Full NSA/CIA – Anonymous Cooperation on The Daily Walk with Miracles: SEE, Miracles DO happen!!

Trump vows 35% tax on companies
that leave the US

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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