All About My Very Favorite Linux OS, Ubuntu MATE 19.10

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— I am coming to absolutely love the many (well over 200) Linux operating systems, how you can experiment and tinker around with some “likely” Linux OS, until you find your own favorite, which you can tailor until you get one to suit your own needs. 3.6 percent of all comuter’s OS now run off Linux, as does the GoDaddy server which puts my own site out to the world. And it’s absolutely true that ALL of the world’s 500 largest supercomputers run some kind of Linux OS. My own favorite has turned out to be Ubuntu MATE 19.10, historically, though I really also like Manjaro Gnome, Cinnamon and Mate, which you can get at Most popular right now is MX Linux, and you can find all these and many more “distributions” of Linux at

December 16, 2019,
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All About My Very Favorite
Linux OS, Ubuntu MATE 19.10

Actually I can think of Perhaps
8 or 10 Linux “distros” I like a Lot

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MIR: The Land & Peace, December 16, 2019, by Paul Evans. Featured photo is courtesy of Wallpaper Safari. Go to for all you might need to know about a whole lot of Linux OS. Which one is your favorite?

The vast majority of Linux OS and all the programs you can get (including some 600,000 apps and scripts from the Arch User Repository — AUR — are all for free! Well, anyway, after three years of experimenting, my own favorite Linux has turned out to be Ubuntu MATE (download page). I also will relate my latest customization of it, which might be pretty cool for you, too.

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 has most of the features that will be in Ubuntu MATE 20.04 when it comes out, and I think most updates for 19.10 will stop then, about August, 2020, but gee, there is so much cool stuff here and cutting edge software technology! It almost seems to have little in common with the old Ubuntu which was a lot of people’s introduction to Linux as they ventured away from Windows. To “cut to the chase, let me simply provide the steps I took in this morning’s customization, which drew on my three year’s experience of doing this sort of thing:

  1. First, I installed from the AUR a series of related programs which are found by doing a search for “caffe.” I only chose the ones which said “caffe (cpu),” which make your machine smarter, and also give it “deep learning” artificial intelligence (and all this is totally “open source” and free). The one thing you must NOT do is to install any “caffe (cpu)” file with ANY that say “caffe (cuda),” or you may “break” your computer. I also advise you to NOT install “caffe2,” unless you are willing to download a ~~ 2.5 GB file which may or may not work on your computer. The basic “caffe (cpu) and related files add up to 80 to 100 MB worth of files, and it works with almost any other Linux, as well.
  2. You can find a LOT of very cool stuff by searching the AUR for the term “Berkeley” and sifting through those results.
  3. My “cleaner” of choice with any Linux, also from the AUR and sometimes just via Synaptic, is simply called “Sweeper.” It does a fast and thorough job, and never makes any bad mistakes.
  4. My encrypted, internet relay chat app of choice is called “HexChat.” It has a lot of cool features, and some great additional plugins if you install it from the choices in the AUR,.
  5. You can get a lot of cool features if the OS you are using is Ubuntu MATE, simply by searching for “MATE” in the AUR.
  6. Ubuntu had a LOT of controversy a few years back, when quite a lot of people thought the CEO was “in bed” with Microsoft. (This was the start of Microsoft’s big push into open source apps (and probably even their up-coming kernel for the new OS they are working hard on). I believe this was very necessary for Microsoft, and was a savvy, astute move by them.
  7. The upshot was that Ubuntu fired the responsible CEO and that the “old guy” came back on board to lead Ubuntu. But Ubuntu dropped all their “Unity” apps and programmers, a big surprise to many of us. Still, you can find still more, cool apps by searching the AUR for “Unity9,” “Unity desktop” and “Unity.” I’m sure you should beable to see what I am driving at. The AUR is a huge, almost inexhaustible resource. Just remember: This stuff comes from all over the world, and not all of what you can get there is reliable or even safe to install. Hopefully the ideas I gave you today work out well for you, as they did for me ~~ Paul

I really also like Manjaro Gnome, Cinnamon and Mate, which you can get at Most popular right now is MX Linux, (and let’s not leave out Debian, which Google is going to be using. You can find all these and many more “distributions” of Linux at

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