Alan Parsons – Live In Madrid (2004) – Rockin’ the Free World

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— God’s unmerited Grace: So, your faith is weak.
WHY and HOW did I come back from the DEAD (possibly in 1979
and a hospital documented instance four years ago), and why is
the sky blue and why is the Gaia hypothesis true,
and why is the ocean a 70 percent saline solution, good souls?

October 24, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

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The Truthful Patriot’s Corner
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Alan Parsons
Live In Madrid (2004)
(Rockin’ the Free World)

Alan Parsons Project ranks
with Pink Floyd as the very
BEST in progressive rock

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner (link to Home page and blog), October 24, 2020, by Paul Evans. Video is Alan Parsons – Live In Madrid (2004) Complete Concert, YouTube — 1:18:00. Featured photo is from an Rainbow concert in 1978. I want to thank Alan Parsons, his record company and YouTube for allowing me to put up this great video.

Alan Parsons Project is to me a tour de force, and the coolest thing around in progressive rock, with songs about what its like to be mentally ill, songs about aliens and ancient Egypt, songs dealing in wisdom, about growing old, songs which teach you about life, and with an absolutely wonderful sound. For my own essay on “secrets” given here, I want to thank my teachers Paul Yuhanick and Dan Hershberger (R.I.P.), my long-time friend Bert Bishop (who has been particularly patient with me), and Paul’s wife Tammy, who has given wonderful support. Please share this article and visit our advertisers to support The Daily Walk with Love.

The Truthful Patriot’s Corner
The “Official” Music Blog of the C.I.A.

SUMMARY: The Alan Parsons Project, with the core of Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson, never were a huge commercial success, although their ‘Eye in the Sky’ album won them a following. It ALL sounds great to me! Here is a great album/concert with many resources for you.

I have theorized on this site a lot about comparative religion. I have spoken about Logos, Revelation and my thoughts about the real meaning of it, the Yin-yang, the Gaia Hypothesis and much more, and really this has been much more a personal exploration than has meant to be any “definitive” sort of truth. I hope you all realize that. I have now come to see that the whole yin-yang model about reality is overblown and mainly false. I now believe, that as the Bible says (Jesus Himself said it), “God IS Life,” that the Source and the Force is Life itself, that there is something very sacred about Life, and that we should honor it and value it much more than our society does. So now I try to “stay centered and balanced and grounded” and not slip too far into either a yin OR a yang framed of mind. For those who might wonder at this point what I mean by that, let me give you a sort of word association grouping of what is associated with each of them. It is yang: left-brained/ logic and words/ male/ sunny days/ Jesus sorts of things against yin: female/ right brained/ intuition/ darkness/ night/ Satan sorts of things. I think the Chinese really messed a lot of people up by putting the whole masculine and feminine into it, don’t you? In western society yin and yang conflict terribly but it need not be so, in eastern thought (Hinduism to a large degree and totally in Buddhism and Taoism) yin and yang are considered to be complementary and NOT oppositional at all. So I think what is sacred is LIFE, and that although the experience of that life is different during the day and at night, there is nothing particularly sacred or powerful in of itself about the day or the night. Thus, my previous ideas that what is sacred is “Life and Light and Love” may need to be rethought, but certainly these are Holy sorts of goodnesses. Of course light is a goodness, and Love is a great force for good, but what is sacred is LIFE itself. That’s how it seems to me, as I am given inspiration.

You can “get there,” to a “place” where yin and yang are complementary and you find mental ability and personal peace, either by opening the Corpus callosum between your brain’s neocortical hemispheres (which also opens up the “blood-brain barrier.” Or else somewhat by living as Jesus taught. This means being kind even when it costs, and not judging and hurting people at almost any cost. There is also the exercise of simply holding your breath and bearing down, that tends to open the blood/brain barrier and also the Corpus callosum. But the main thing is, to affirm life and never death or hate, and to stay firmly centered and grounded as you live your life. This is a personal set of ethics I got partly from Buddhism and largely from the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, which I keep on my wall to the right of where I write. I just wanted to help you all, so I studied comparative religion on and off for 37 years, and this is what I was able to come up with. God Bless and Blessed Be. ~ Paul Evans.

I first was introduced to The Alan Parson’s Project on Senior Skip Day in high school (for those of you who might wish to have a more exact date, it was in 1975), which was basically the first time I ever got at all drunk, too, but in this case it was a happy experience. It was only later in my life that drinking became a negative, destructive experience. I have never abused alcohol since the mid-eighties and have been totally sober for about four years now. So I’m a reformed, sober alcoholic, and much better for the experience: you can do it too! And it’s even been over a year now since I smoked a joint — OK, I’m guilty, I smoke cigarettes, but have that down to 14 a day. I know lots of people who have. Some of the coolest people in my life have had some sort of addiction issue, it’s all in how you “handle it” and what you do about it. See my page on Addiction and Rehab Resources, June 30, 2016, by Paul Evans. I almost feel like alcoholics, addicted people and the mentally ill are (all three) my particular friends in life: like we’re the ones who have been hurt so much in this life, so that we are the ones that “get it,” we’re “scapegoats,” society blames as much as it can on us, we get how badly people treat each other and how hard life is. I am very glad that President Trump is finally funding efforts to confront addiction in America. God I sure wish we could only begin to really, actually “Love our neighbors as ourselves.” Yeah, that costs, but it makes you happy, too. Let’s all get happy, people. Amen.

Alan Parsons – Live In Madrid (2004)

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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