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About Paul Evans,
the owner of The Daily Walk with Miracles

Paul Evans is a 59 year old man
who lives in Wooster, Ohio.

The Daily Walk with Miracles, Updated July 24, 2016, originally published May 21, 2014, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of Third Day, ThirdDayVEVO and YouTube:

Paul Evans lives in #Wooster #Ohio and owns this website and blog, The Daily Walk with Miracles.

I’m a #Libertarian #Republican who tries to be nonpartisan these days. There are some political discussions on this site only because I care deeply about the future of the United States & about world affairs and U.S. foreign policy. I support our intelligence services, our troops and veterans and the Patriot Act, and realize that although personal privacy these days is a joke, that this is absolutely necessary in the dangerous world we live in.

I am “single and looking.” Please feel encouraged to visit my Google Plus profile, say hi to me on Facebook, or email me at freemusic1957 AT gmail.com.

Eminem – Not Afraid

Working on The Daily Walk with Miracles is where God has led me and leads me in my life. I like to help others express themselves on the web, too, and have for example designed websites for a church and also friends. I am “single and looking” and encourage anyone who might want to get to know me to email me at paulfreedom57@gmail.com.

On politics: The distrust and hatred of those different in various ways than we are must end and we must accept our differences and work together. I believe the current lack of bipartisanship in congress has reached the point that it is an active evil, and that we must work together for the common good. Won’t you join me in the Peace and Love revolution?

I have managed eleven years of college in geology and earth science, edited 12 books including one on spiritualism, and had the cover of a 2005 issue of History magazine, and and also have been published on Fox News politics, Fox Carolina news, Fox Chicago news, Daily Kos, OpEd News and Google Plus communities. My father, with whom I lived most of my life, was a WWII marine officer, ASA, AFSIA, NSA and CIA officer and Yale Ph.D. Mom was a botany B.S. and a great housewife who worked in veterinary pathology. My sister was a veterinarian with whom I raised Doberman pinschers. Mom’s dad was Curator of the Smithsonian division of cultural anthropology, with whom I lived 8 years of my life plus summers.

Dad and I did eleven books together and he taught me how to write, edit and (I hope) think. At the same time that I am something of a libertarian Republican, though I do understand dissidence, but believe in working for #change from within the system. A few basic reforms are all this great country needs to excel and be economically healthy again. in terms of my right-left political orientation, I am fairly “middle of the road,” politically, but with some conservative values and some left-wing economic ideas, and like the Reform Party and the ideas of its candidate Kenneth Cross. However, having made an accommodation with political reality, I mainly try to stay out of the maelstrom of politics, I do get into political theory or analysis a little. But I’m trying to “keep my nose clean.” I’ve said what I wanted to say about that, now I consider myself partly retired from fighting those wars, which have actually cost me dearly. Please feel encouraged to look at some of the featured pages on the main menu, above, which cover the main points I have been led to and support.

The direction I would take the system would involve #hypercapitalism (a thoroughly #conservative leaning), a fair and flat tax, though a slightly progressive one, and perhaps handling at least some of our entitlement money through the churches, or maybe the municipal governments (since I have a rather populist tendency). Barack Obama in 2007 ran on a platform which called for handling entitlement money through the churches. I feel it is an idea whose time has come. Additional reforms I would like to see are publicly funded elections and the restoration of the food stamps cuts with an offsetting set of budget cuts elsewhere, perhaps in Social Security. It is an historical fact that “the fund” gets raided periodically. What better reason to cut Social Security say 5 percent in order that poor Americans have food to eat. I mean, which is more important, money in your pocket or food to eat? In fact, most of the people on food stamps HAVE jobs and most of them are single mothers. Cutting food stamps literally takes food out of the mouths of babies and is most un-Christian, it seems to me.

And there’s a lot of great #music at Free Music57 + politics. Not only are there almost 300 stremming mp3’s, but our Home page/blog has many fine performance #music #videos by great artists.

Religiously I am a spiritualist charismatic Christian. I would never judge you, or especially judge you based on your beliefs, only assess my interactions with you based on if you are a caring, compassionate person or not, and if you are truthful with me and so worthy of my trust. Jesus said “judge not lest ye be judged, and in such a manner as ye judge others, so God will judge you.” I think most Christian people do not take this enough to heart. I don’t know how many times I have been hurt and mistreated by so-called “strong Christians” who have judged me and then hurt me, when Jesus teaches to never judge anyone and to love your enemy. Isn’t it hypocritical?

I know suffering well and this has led to minor enlightenment, yet I am nobody, just a sinner like anyone else. Yes, we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God, but people, the price has already been paid, and Jesus Himself told me that God has forgiven me for some immoral things I did in past times.

On economics, charity and caring: Rich people are often too selfish because they don’t understand what it’s like to be poor. I was homeless five times during 2014-2015, and also I’ve been fairly well off, so I understand what it’s like, both ways. “Don’t let money be your morality.” I think Bush was great in some ways, and believe there may have actually been a moral reason for intervention in/invasion of Iraq, as conservatives know. I have #conservative moral ideas about values but a libertarian lifestyle and have some exciting new ideas about the economy and how to fix it. But I DON’T get involved in politics or economic debates much any more, I’ll leave that to others.

Third Day – Cry Out To Jesus

A lot of people are in bad situations and can’t help their addictions, like the terrible curse of heroin, which has destroyed me twice through people in my life I have loved, partly, (although I never tried it). I smoke cigarettes and neither want to or can stop, and it hurts me to be judged because I smoke or troubled because of it. I know in my heart that God loves addicted people just as much as He loves policemen, for example. God has healed me pretty much of any mental afflictions I may have had although I am a “different” sort of guy and may be somewhat autistic. I FEEL, at a personal level, the attitudes of those around me, partly because I have a lot of love in my heart. People mustn’t judge or hate others because of their addictions or silly behaviors, or different beliefs. We’re all just humans, the important thing is to realize how much God loves us.

As far as my religious beliefs are concerned, I have studied comparative religion for 37 years. You know, “it’s all different flavors of the same ice cream.” I’m a spiritualist #charismatic king and a priest (or maybe a “prince,” but I do think God has used me in prophecy, and everything I do is to help people and in that way serve God. I try. I also like #Zen #Buddhism and try to incorporate Buddhist #ethics in my life. I “talk the talk” about being a #Christian but I try hard to “walk the walk” too. God probably dislikes hypocrites, I know #Jesus does. The main evil I see in the world is NOT “darkness” or the night, but there is terrible evil in ignorance and hate. Please, try to affirm Life and Love, not death or war or hatred. I do see some evil in TIME (Satan) and believe that soon time as we understand it will end when Jesus comes again in power and in glory. I love and need people in my life a lot! Be honest and try hard to not lie, even to yourself. Put yourself in the other guy’s shoes (empathy — listening and responding in conversation and really caring). To the women of my past I’d only say, “you blew it ladies.” I’m looking to find a girl and settle down and may get married really soon.

I owe my Christian faith and much of what I know about Christianity as well as practical living skills to Paul Yuhanick and his family. Paul, and also Daniel Hershberger, are the best teachers I have had in my life, although I have had many good ones, which is a wonderful blessing. My friends Bert Bishop and his wife Kay have been wonderful friends for many years, too. I also had a great dad, mom and sister who tried real hard but have all “gone home,” I’d hope to heaven, (perhaps another dimension). Their “essences” are part of who I am, but only in a sense, I guess.

Sometimes I get too tied up in logic and love, which mean so much to me, that I have neglected being moral and tradition. You can prove what you want with logic, believe me, I have seen it. Logic by itself can be almost an active evil when used evilly. This is the basis of irrationality, and this happened in my own life when I did not consider people’s traditional responses in situations. I was too theoretical, which comes partly in my life as a sort of autism. Usually there’s a pretty good reason for traditional morality. It is probably true that I am autistic, which is about all that is left of my old mental illness, so long as I take my medicine carefully. I also get too intense, and people don’t understand the ardor of my argumentation, like a crazy old preacher. Jesus said “arise awake sleep not” and partly because of the intensity of my mind I do not need much sleep at all, although it IS vital to my health that I get enough. I used to be troubled about it but now I have no problems any more allowiing myself to sleep enough, though I don’t need as much as most people. R. Buckminster Fuller, the architect and thinker, got by with four 20-minute naps a day. I’d guess six plus hours is ideal for me, but I have no problem skipping sleep some nights or getting by with three or four hours of sleep for a few consecutive nights.

If anyone would like to be my friend and chat with me on Gmail IM, use ( paulfreedom57 AT gmail.com .) I am paulfreedom57 AT gmail.com for email.

One thing I have never understood about a lot of Christians, and others too: why are we not a more caring as a people? Jesus sacrifice was to teach people to be loving. To me, “if it isn’t caring, it isn’t Christian,” but keep in mind that sometimes God’s love can be rather hard on us, or tough love, if we deserve it or need correction. (I get too preachy, sometimes.) I also love to chat with people, and value their friendship, a lot. Sometimes Christians are very moral and yet their interactions with me are not caring, or they are selfish about money, and that does not make sense to me and emotionally disturbs me, as I’m sure it does a lot of people. I guess, sadly, part of growing up and be psychologically mature consists in learning to be “tough enough.” Society needs to become much more truly caring.

I am extremely grateful especially to my friends, Paul, Chris, Tammy, Dan, Daniel, Trey, Kevan and David, and my longtime friends Bert and Kay. I would not have survived without them. I also highly esteem my current pastor from the United Church of Christ, Kevan Franklin. I have wonderful memories of my dad Jack and Mother Eleanor and regret that my sister Katharine had to try and suffer so hard. Sometimes you don’t know how much you love a person until they are gone from your life forever. We all should love our loved ones a LOT while we can, so then it won’t hurt so much when they’re gone. In a very real sense, though, I am my dad Jack’s child, but at the same time my friend Paul Yuhanick is and continues to be my teacher. Something of the essence of Paul Yuhanick in a sense has a strong reality in my mind. He is almost my “second father.” We all have to love one another because that’s why God put us here, to learn that and other lessons. God Bless America!

I was a college student, thanks to my dad, for some eleven years. I studied the hard sciences geology and earth science, in which I have a B.A. and an “all-but-thesis,” as well as human ecology, geography and more. It was a strong liberal arts education, and I believe that this gives me a unique perspective as a Christian man. On the one hand I have done a lot of reading about what scientists believe on various issues, and on the other, I have studied a lot of different religious beliefs. I have edited 12 books, the last on spiritualism, and had the cover of History magazine with an article called “Trafalgar: 200 years later.” Much of what I now believe about the Christian faith is what I was taught to me by the charismatic Christian king Paul Yuhanick, in whose home I now live. Reason, words and logic remain an important, even a guiding force in my thought, as does my strong Christian faith. Sometimes it’s a balancing act, but everyone has to make sense of the world around them as best they can, as they are led by God.

Santana – 1973 «Welcome»

I have had a difficult and prolonged struggle on my part to know exactly what is correct for me, myself, to believe about the important issues of the day and politics and religion. I do not have a strong desire to study or write about this much any more. I basically just want to blog music and have said what I wanted to about religion and politics, although I may republish some content as well as cover significant current events. As with other real, saved Christians, God has given me some guidance Himself, and I do so very much appreciate Him. Since in reality religion is about everything, at least in its implications, it has been particularly hard for me to know what stances to take on all these issues. That has constituted an awesome responsibility for me. Because I write well, I have greatly feared taking the wrong positions on some issues, because that might even be an offense to the Holy Spirit. All I can say is that the featured page articles might not be fully reliable, but I try especially hard with them (accessed from the menu, above) and do the very best I can. After all I am just one man, and in addition to the responsibility and difficulty of writing responsibly and well for Free Music57 + politics, I am trying to lift myself off of disability and also find the love of my life.

As a charismatic Christian I have a pretty new-to-me set of beliefs that I am really still learning, but everything I know about this faith-system tells me that I have found my home, in terms of my Christian beliefs. At the same time, I am a member of the Wooster Ohio Trinity United Church of Christ. I know the pastor there, Rev. Dr. Kevan Franklin personally and he has done a lot for me, so I do not plan on giving up my membership in his church, even though I usually worship at another, local church, the Overton Church of God. The main reason I only rarely attend Trinity church is that I am poor and do not own a car, so I simply hitch a ride with the owner of the house where I live to worship at his church. Actually I have worshiped at quite a few churches around Wooster, and I have enjoyed my time spent at every single one I have tried so far. They all have some unique aspects of the Christian faith which I always have enjoyed, thus far. We do make it down to Trinity for their free breakfasts sometimes, because all of us where I live like the company of the regular guys whom we know and love, who eat the free breakfasts there.

Actually, I spent 24 years of my life at the local Unitarian-Universalist fellowship, where I sang songs which were usually quite Christian in their choir for 16 years. The most important teaching I take from them is their First Principle, “the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.” I actually would take it further than that, and say that all life is of God, and sacred. Besides this, in 2007 and 2008, I dated a woman who lived up in Cleveland, who taught me her spiritualist Christian ways. This was actually my first exposure since about 1978 to 1980 to real, Christian beliefs, firsthand and in a church, since about 1980, and for this I will always be grateful to her. I found out that, perhaps, I am something of what they call a “medium” and soon learned that, at least to some extent, this is a similar thing to the Biblical spiritual gift of Prophecy. At least, her spiritualist Christian church taught that it was the same thing. Because of a certain lingering mental illness, I have had people who had some “power” over me who actively discriminated against me because of my beliefs. Did you know that the American Psychological Association now states formally that all “religious belief” is a “delusion”? I feel that the old rule of staying the hell out of people’s private religious beliefs is what they psychological authorities need to get back to doing. There should be full religious freedom in America, shouldn’t there?.

Many people suffer, and many suffer worse than I have. Millions of innocent Christians, in fact, have died for their faith. I feel that we are, as saved, true Christians, all of us, members of the “body of Christ” and all saved Christians in general, are or should be very pale reflections of the resurrected son of God, Jesus Christ. Collective Soul has a song on one of their albums “I’m not the One,” and I very certainly can identify there. For some reason, my own suffering is ongoing, but maybe that is simply the nature of being a real Christian in an evil world, which has a long way to go to being brought into His kingdom. Personally, I suffer some difficulty because used to speak openly about matters which were offensive to money or power or the intelligence agencies on The Daily Walk with Miracles, which no longer exists, but there apparently I invited attacks on me personally by being a little too “truthful.” I have learned to tone that way down, simply as a means to have something of a better life. Many, many people are true, saved Christians, but these are evil times. With my efforts on Free Music57 + politics and Midnight Blue Internet Services, maybe I can do just a little good, help a few people and perhaps even save a few souls. In that case, every bit of my suffering is fully worthwhile to me! I do wish I had something of an intelligence “control” or someone who would tell me, face to face, when I am tending to “go too far” with any of my writings.

Mental illness which I have suffered from is a terrible, terrible scourge. Yet really, sanity is a “mean statistical norm” and in some senses I have just suffered because I have been too smart and intellectual for most Christians and something of a nonconformist. LOL, the powers that be, however, can be rather persuasive. I have learned in recent years, however, that there is usually a very good reason for traditionally moral responses. A lot of people judged me and hurt me, and thought me evil, when in fact Christ taught not to judge and to love one another, no matter what. It doesn’t matter, I blame no one, and I feel born again and renewed in my life. But I will say that as Christians, I strongly believe that we’re simply not supposed to judge each other, at all, only “assess” the situations we are in. As of 2012, all of my nuclear family has passed away. I might well have died by now if it weren’t for my “second family,” the Yuhanicks.

What does God want, overall from men and The United States? Overall, I have a strong prophetic idea that God just wants us to all be caring to each other. I have learned over the last few years that CARING needs to be interpreted not just in terms of the kindness shown by Jesus in the New Testament, but also in terms of morality. There seems to be a lot of morality shown in the Old Testament, and as Jesus said, “not one jot or tilde” of the Old Testament would ever cease to be important. He also taught us to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves, but we’re doing a really poor job of that as a society, it seems to me. These and many other ideas are fairly new for me, and I particularly am grateful in my knowledge about what charismatic Christians believe to Paul Yuhanick and my “second family” where I live.

Watch Third Day: “Come Together” with Lyrics, one of the best new songs by my favorite Christian rock group. If you don’t know this kind of music, also check out David Crowder Band’s ‘Remedy’ album, Casting Crowns, and Jars of Clay. I’m still learning more and more each day, but if you genuinely don’t like rock music, these guys might change your mind!

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