A Vital Message to the Far Right and Neo-Nazis

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Vital to Our Nation’s Political Health:
There are some things the far right and neo-nazi’s
really need to realize and recognize as the truth. There
are a LOT of things I haven’t written about on this site,
for reasons of government secrecy, but I felt I truly MUST
inform all interested parties (including the nations of
the middle east and anywhere people who consider themselves
as Christians, yet are nonetheless filled with hate for the Jews
and the nation of Israel). Not admitting these facts could
destroy any chance the U.S. or the world has for political
sanity and possibly, survival.

March 11, 2019
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

Donald Trump 2019
“Make America Great Again!”

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A Vital Message to the Far Right
and Neo-Nazis

The Far-Right, Neocons and
Neo-Nazis in America Need to “Get Real”
Before it is Too Late

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), March 11, 2019, by Paul Evans.
FACT: according to the best from demographic (population statistics) people who know, whites will be a minority in America by 2050. Politicians need to recognize this and stop catering to hate and those who hate people who are not white. FACT: The Jews are only three of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and nobody quite knows who the other nine tribes are. FACT: You also should keep in mind that, while only four percent of Americans practice the Jewish religion, fully 30 percent of Americans are descended from Jews. Another thing you might want to also keep in mind that they are “God’s chosen people.” FACT: Besides a “dome” over the city of Tel-Aviv, Israel, mindful of history, has developed a “Masada complex,” whereby if they are being destroyed outright, they will detonate their 300 (about) thermonuclear bombs, only 30 or so of which would cast the whole world into deep nuclear winter. FACT: check your Bible — there have been three “diasporas” or scatterings of the Jewish people, centuries have gone by, so probably everybody has this influence on their genetic makeup. (Remember the movie “Exodus?” This should inform you that maybe there are as many Jews with blue eyes as there are Germans.)

If you really want to hate some people, hate the super-rich — and as it happens Jewish — bankers who got America into the economic mess she is in (as well as, perhaps, the last three Presidents who led the way). I will also note that all three of these Presidents had the very same team of economic advisors: Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geither.) It is as if there has been a concerted plan to destroy America’s power by destroying her economy. As we are painfully learning, hyper-capitalism just makes things worse. As Ron Paul has been preaching to us, no great power retained it’s power for long after going off the gold standard. Bill Clinton did that for America.

Perhaps also we must realize that Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) — so far as I can see — is a neocon wrapped in sheep’s clothing who in rejecting the two-state solution and embracing an insane idea that Israel can once again have borders like they were in King David’s time, may cause an overall end of things… So it is NOT the Jews themselves, who mostly fine people, just some of their leaders, who are quite evil. I would remind American Jews that, really, Jews slaughtering the Palestinian people is little different than Germans slaughtering Jews: genocide is genocide, whereas the Bible is about God’s love for each of us.

I am writing this as an American patriot, and one with — so far as I can tell — no Jewish blood whatsoever. It’s Just that the truth is the truth, and none of this is classified.

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