A Vital Message to the Far Right and Neo-Nazis

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a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism The Daily Walk with Love a fierce bald eagle and flag expresses our very real patriotism

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— Vital to Our Nation’s Political Health:
Completely Revised and Updated
There are some things the far right, neocons and neo-nazi’s
really need to realize and recognize as the truth. There
are a LOT of things I haven’t written about on this site,
for reasons of government secrecy, but I felt I truly MUST
inform all interested parties [including our President
(to a certain degree)], the nations of the middle east
and anywhere people who consider themselves as Christians (or Muslims), yet are nonetheless filled with hate for the Jews
and the nation of Israel. Not admitting the facts which follow here could destroy any chance the U.S. or the world has for political
sanity and very possibly, survival.

April 18, 2020
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
Justice is Coming!

Donald Trump 2020
“Make America Great Again!”

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A Vital Message to the Far Right
and Neo-Nazis

Why Can’t We All Be Brothers?
Why Can’t We Live in Peace?

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), republished April 18, 2020, fully re-written and edited, by Paul Evans. I really shudder as I am republishing this article, but the truth is the truth, and all Americans need to know what is going on, and perhaps gain a better understanding. There are so many haters everywhere now: What place should hate have in a Christian’s heart?

FACT: according to the best from demographic (population statistics) experts — people who know — whites will be a minority in America by 2050. Politicians need to recognize this and stop catering to those who hate anyone other than whites. The voting population is now 14 percent black and 16 percent Hispanic. In the future no Presidential candidate is going to win without support from those two groups.

FACT: The Jews are only three of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and nobody quite knows who the other nine tribes are. (You may recall from the Bible, at the end of the Babylonian captivity, the tribe of Israel was reported as just about destroyed, while the tribe of Benjamin seems much unmentioned (although I admit I am not a big Old Testament scholar). The tribe of Judah pretty much seems to have been intact, yet one-half of them are reported as turning to follow the false god Ba’al, Satan’s right hand man who is the god of gold and adoration of money. Perhaps that might explain the near worship of money that way too many Jews in America have. However, it is good to keep in mind that they still are the “children of God,” and most are not rich nor are they in any important way to blame for their rich brothers. In my mind they pretty much “know the score” and abhor what the gold-diggers such as the Jewish bankers have done to America, and the poverty among so many which goes with this. It is not most Jews’ fault.

But even worse, the powerful Illuminati, as directed by Lord Jacob Rothschild, (head of the largest and most powerful of the 13 Ruling Families), an Orthodox Jew, has also embraced these neo-nazi beliefs, even though, to me, that sounds, at the least, quite absurd. Oh Lord God Almighty, please turn Lord Rothschild’s mind back to a sane approach to his people, and let there be no genocide either against the Jews, nor against the 47 percent of us who don’t pay taxes. Please, God, please reach deep into Lord Jacob’s heart and bring our world back to a much more healthy, sane coexistence.

FACT: You also should keep in mind that, while only four percent of Americans practice the Jewish religion, fully 30 percent of Americans are descended from Jews. If there is some kind of Hitlerian plot against the Jews (again), there are also plenty of Christians who would see the insanity of hating or trying to destroy the entire Jewish people, would (correctly) believe it was motivated by Satan, and even fight to protect the Jews. Include me in that group. Another thing you might want to also keep in mind that they are “God’s chosen people.” Moreover the ufo motherships (there was a 300-mile long mothership recently photographed close to the sun and apparently taking energy from it), and besides, Lord Rothschild and the Illuminati know all about the planned destruction of the Jews. But what is amazing is how at this point the Illuminati with their goals of depopulation have allied themselves with the neo-nazis. This is the worst danger the world has seen since WWII. I would hope, the Jews will curb their Zionism, if for no other reason then because it is way too likely to end up in WWIII and nuclear winter: Netanyahoo to me is the worst Israeli PM in history, and the first since 1972 to abandon the “two state solution” with the Palestinians. In the final analysis, Donald Trump will not support the neo-nazis, and will not allow God’s “children” or country be destroyed. Did you know that the largest supporter of Trump’s Presidential campaign was the two-term conservative. and quite Jewish ex-mayor of New York City Arthur Bloomberg, who is worth $32 billion?

FACT: Besides a “dome” over the city Tel-Aviv, Israel, mindful of history, has developed a “Masada complex,” whereby if they are being destroyed outright, the state of Israel will detonate their 300 (about) thermonuclear bombs, only 30 or so of which would probably cast the whole world into deep nuclear winter. FACT: check your Bible — there have been three “diasporas” or scatterings of the Jewish people in their history, many centuries have gone by, so probably everybody has this influence on their genetic makeup. (Remember the movie “Exodus?” This should inform you that maybe there are as many Jews with blue eyes as there are Germans.) When you consider Jews in America, keep in mind what while only four percent of Americans practice the Jewish faith, fully 30 percent of Americans have Jewish descent (and most Christians would likely fight for them and against any insane attempt to kill them off). If – God Forbid – we are getting a lot of this hate talk coming from out of the Republican Party, then I for one will vote Democrat. Actually I believe we have come to a place in our political history where now, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats represent the hopes and dreams and need of most of us, and I am ready to support a third party such as the Reform Party. But again, hate has no place in a Christians mind or heart.

If you really want to hate some people, hate the super-rich — and as it happens Jewish — bankers (on a case by case basis), the top ten or so, who got America into the economic mess she is in (as well as, perhaps, the last three Presidents who led the way, almost as though it was a conspiracy to destroy America by means of ruining her economy). I will also note that all three of these Presidents had the very same team of economic advisers: Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner.) If it sounds like I am saying there may have been or is an ongoing plot to destroy America’s wealth and power, well, I wouldn’t want to claim that. It would be bad for my health. But I AM saying it is as if there has been a concerted plan to destroy America’s power by destroying her economy. As we are painfully learning, hyper-capitalism just makes things worse. And as Ron Paul has been preaching to us, no great power retained it’s power for long after going off the gold standard. Bill Clinton did that for America (or was it LBJ(?), because you see we had started putting more and more currency into circulation and simply could not back it all with gold. (Bill Clinton also had the Glass-Steagall legislation repealed, which had formerly separated savings banks from investment banks And now we see that the investment banks have raided people’s savings accounts so that there is now only one-quarter to a half a cent left in savings for every dollar in circulation. What exists now is called unleveraged debt, trillions of dollars worth) and it is very dangerous. Nice one, Bill, and we love NAFTA, too. I could go on about similar undertakings under W. Bush and Obama too. It looks, smells and barks like a dog, it’s a dog.

Perhaps also we must realize that Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) — so far as I can see — is a neocon wrapped in sheep’s clothing who in rejecting the two-state solution and embracing an insane idea that Israel can once again have borders like they were in King David’s time, may cause an overall end of things… So it is NOT the Jews themselves, who are mostly fine people, just some of their leaders, who are quite evil. I would remind American Jews that, really, Jews slaughtering the Palestinian people is little different than Germans slaughtering Jews: genocide is genocide, whereas the Bible is about God’s love for each of us.

I am writing this as an American patriot, and one with — so far as I can tell — no Jewish blood whatsoever. It’s Just that the truth is the truth, we tell you the truth here, and none of this is classified.

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