A Lot of Vital, Factual Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know

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— Here I’m giving my readers absolutely factual, but mostly unknown material, which, most probably, the “powers that be” don’t want the common man to know. My life has been really difficult in the last 15 years. I’ve been homeless five times and one time (I feel I was) deliberately overdosed on psych. drugs in a hospital, so that I actually died, but God brought me back maybe an hour-and-a half later (on a different floor of the hospital). All I want in the world is to help stop some of the insane things going on in the world, if somehow I could help (before mankind basically blows up and “finishes” the world), with all the innocent people suffering so much. And it’s mainly over long-held racial hatred, and maybe almost equally because of religious differences, such as doctrines and dogmas (and disagreements about what is sacred or “Holy.”) God, let it not be! We have all suffered enough, and God Almighty knows that most of us don’t deserve what seems to be in store for us.

November 29, 2019,
The Voice of Freedom in Ohio!
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A Lot of Vital, Factual Stuff
You Probably Didn’t Know

A lot of this, I’m sure,
is totally taboo to speak of openly,
most certainly to large numbers
of people. So Be It.

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Did you know that the whole western world is basically “run” by a group of incredibly rich and powerful men sometimes called “the 13 Ruling families?” For example, you can read quite a lot about this and the whole New World Order at a website called “Humans Are Free.” These people are 0.1 perent of the world’s population, but they control 95 percent of the world’s wealth. The whole lower fifty percent of us, incredibly, has access to only 0.3 percent of the wealth. I will say the totally taboo thing: The Twelve Tribes of Israel, only three of whom are Jewish, are the descendents of Neanderthal man, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. These people, if you believe the scientists, go back 300,000 years. The “rest of us” (my ancestry is uncertain), are called “Cro-magnon” man, Homo sapiens sapiens,” and our line split off of the main Neanderthal line about 12 to 14,000 years ago, so we are late-comers on the scene.

That’s bad enough, but there is a lot of evidence that the homeless are mostly being shipped off to out-of-the-way FEMA camps, outside of which are stacked 5.2 million “coffin liners” (Snopes).And more and more jobs, even skilled factory jobs but also most service type low-skkilled human jobs are being lost to robots, who can more and more do the jobs better, quicker and at less cost. “Even so, come now Lord Jesus Christ!!. And pretty soon, if things don’t get better for the common man, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

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Then peace will guide the planets,
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