Healthcare News: Cures for Many Infections?

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Healthcare News:
From 2012 on, my personal experiments
(while fighting off an infection of Strep in my blood
and perhaps my sinuses, too), used green “Spring Mint”
mouthwashes, (plus Monster Energy Drinks
and also the OTC medicine Anbesol) and have somewhat
allowed me to cure (or help) my own Colitis
and now cellulitis, and may stop viruses dead in their tracks,
I believe this merits study by medical science
as a possible healthcare breakthrough.

October 29, 2018
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Healthcare News:
“Cures” or Treatment for Many (or even Most?)
Viral & Bacterial Infections?

God’s Miracle for Humanity?
Green Spring Mint Mouthwash,
Monster Energy drinks, or Tincture of Iodine, Novacaine,
Oil of Cloves & Anise in Anbesol
Kills the Herpes (simplex) and Other Viruses,
and May Help with Bacterial Infections

The Daily Walk with Love (link to Home page/blog), republished October 29, 2018, by Paul Evans, with main source of 3 Ideas to Cure Viral & Bacterial Infections, The Daily Walk with Love, October 16, 2017, by Paul Evans. Musical inspiration is The Waterboys performing their amazing CD, “The Waterboys ‘This is the Sea’ (Full Album),” courtesy of YouTube (for mature (M) audiences only). Featured photograph is courtesy of Wal*Mart via Google.

Publishing this I feel is my Christian duty before God. The U.S. and also Chinese bio-weapons labs have developed human-to-human transmissible bird flu and this is the nature of “total war,” that such horrible weapons do exist in the world. Here, just as with “the bomb,” the situation is MAD (mutually assured destruction.) If you study the history of bio-weapons, you find out that it’s never safe, and viruses always eventually get out of containment. Even if it were semi-safe here in the U.S., it’s NOT in China. And then of course there’s always the possibility of an unscrupulous group such as terrorists (or even the Illuminati or some military group in the world) possibly deliberately using such or horrible mass weapon — this possibly exists too. And don’t be too concerned if some horrible new bacteria or virus comes at us. It’s the situation the referred to by the band Disturbed with their song about “coming down with the sickness.” That exists, too (I believe Disturbed refers to a low to medium level bacterial infection showing up everywhere these days. Let us all pray to God that such a thing as these bioweapons might never be used and will eventually be destroyed.

Of course, it’s ALL experimental and needs to be studied by the medical profession, but somewhere in these ideas below I believe are cures for many if not most bacterial and viral infections. I’ll keep this simple. In the late fall of 2012, I became infected with the colitis bacterial infection (strep in my blood), which may also have been associated with a really bad viral infection too. I had a seemingly unfortunate “habit” of coating my gums with Anbesol, which is generally used for cold sores. It’s also advised by dentists for tooth pain, and so might be used as a pain reliever, plus, it seems to give the user a certain amount of real, physiological power, as much or more than with energy drinks.

ANBESOL: it’s tincture of iodine, Novocaine, oil of cloves and anise spice, none of which I found to be the least addictive, even not much addictive at all. Cold sores, which the doctors treat with Anbesol, actually are caused by the Herpes simplex virus, which is a related but much milder version of the Herpes virus than that which is the sexually transmitted disease (STD). (MOST Americans — anyone who ever had a cold sore — have had Herpes simplex. That’s not a big deal.) Somehow in America our state of sexual immorality has got to the point where fully one-third of all Americans are infected with Herpes that is the STD (but not me, I am hospital tested STD free). Well, for me, at that time, it got to be a habit to coat the inside and outside of my upper and lower gums with the Anbesol, which is flavored with the same Anise seed herb that is in the liquor Uzzo. It became a habit because I found out that it empowered my mind a little, that it strengthened the thought process, AND it killed the Herpes simplex virus and eliminated my cold sores, and it also made it so that I needed much less sleep.

Here I want to caution everyone that trying to get by with “not enough” sleep is a really bad idea for most people. The architect Buckminster Fuller (inventor of the geodesic dome) got by with four 20-minute naps a day, but why do this to yourselves? You NEED the rapid eye movement (REM sleep) of dreams, which only come from deep enough sleep lasting several hours. Sleep deprivation will “mess with your head” and disempower you. It’s a commonly used tactic in the intelligence services to get information, but your mind will not function normally. See How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?, U.S. News and World Report, July 20, 2017, by Julie Davis. (It is still interesting to note the sleep patterns some talented people and various cultures practiced. Many societies have or had “bi-phasic” of two periods of sleep a day, as did the early English, Hispanics even today, and the Japanese. The typically Western pattern of 16 hours awake and 8 straight hours asleep is NOT at all the necessary way to do things.)

I was using Anbesol two-three times a day. I feel that the oil of cloves is central in the mix, and it has already been shown to help the body with liver issues, but all the suggestions in this article need to be studied. BTW, girls, I am now at the time of this writing, hospital tested STD free.

And also at this time, (which may be quite important), I developed the habit of gargling with green, Spring Mint mouthwash (any brand will do). I still do this too. Later I found that Blue Mint mouthwash may be even more effective (and safe. I would NOT do this with some of the more kick-ass mouthwashes out there, but I found it safe to do with these two. But perhaps other mouthwashes which safely kill germs in your mouth should be investigated. There is for example Cinnamon flavored Lavoris, with Zinc. In the middle ages and Renaissance time, the nations which controlled the spice trad ruled the western world. There has to be a reason for that.) Only I do something “different” with mouthwashes: I figured, “it kills the germs in your mouth, right? Well if you SWALLOW it, won’t it then kill all the germs in your Yes, it does, it works, and then you need to eat some yogurt, since you actually need “good” bacteria to digest your food. I bet the yogurt alone helps, too. I have heard it described as “Rid-X for your digestive tract.” (Also, any good quality yogurt will do, that some fancy yogurts are better than ordinary fruit yogurt has been scientifically dis-proven.)

Paul Evans

Paul Evans owner of The Daily Walk with Miracles in February, 2017

Ladies I am the owner here, Paul. I am “single and looking,” no kids, never married, engaged three times” Hopefully I won’t have to do that whole internet dating thing too long, because I really hate it. INTERNET Dating ceased being fun for me maybe five years ago It’s like that song said, if two people like each other, or even feel that special spark between them,they should just say so. People’s hearts are so very fragile, in reality. But all I ever wanted was just ONE woman who’d be a little affectionate, and maybe kind, and certainly HONEST and LOYAL to me. Haven’t found you so far, but hope springs eternal, right? Even a new friend to chat with would be great. If interested email me at Thanks for visiting The Daily Walk with Love, where EVERYONE is welcome. Here, to the very best of my ability, I tell you the absolute truth, (although I do try not to pass out state secrets).

I got out of the hospital for the Colitis bacterial infection on Christmas day, 2012, and in 2014, concerned as any internet dater would be, so I was tested by Wooster Community Hospital, which is an excellent hospital by the way, and found to be totally STD free. I wasn’t taking any drugs because on release for my bacterial infection, my doctors for an unknown reason would not prescribe any antibiotic except a couple pennecillan based antibiotics. Over a three year period, I received three different penicillin-based antibiotics which were ineffectual against what I considered to be a lingering remnant bacterial infection, especially in my sinuses. So in 2013 I had a minor Anbesol habit going and and in late 2014 or early 2015 was tested STD free, and then at the end of 2015 a different doctor than my standard MD DID finally prescribe a non-penicillin-based antibiotic, a mycin type antibiotic, and any remnant of the Colitis went away.

While I am NOT currently using any Anbesol these days, I DO gargle and swallow Green or Blue Mint mouthwashes, and I have not been at all seriously ill, despite exposure to the flu and a fairly well developed case of COPD. My health, actually, continues to improve. (Must be the pasta, pizza, hot dogs and Classic Coke and coffee diet, LOL.)

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Perhaps many antibiotic resistant bacterial infections should best be treated with mycin antibiotics, or maybe it was the Anbesol. But actually I used the Anbesol on and off for a year-and-a-half before I ever got the antibiotic, and my infection had seemed to be gone earlier than the use of the antibiotic. I honestly feel it was the Anbesol (which, you will remember, is KNOWN to kill Herpes simplex) which killed the bacterial infection, or maybe it was the mouthwash. But if you are ill and can’t get a kick-ass antibiotic, which they hand out like gold these days, maybe you might want to try my ideas. The idea, I am saying, needs to be tested.

What conclusions might be reached by my experience? Simply that perhaps many bacterial and viral, or certainly viral infections, might somehow respond and die upon treatment with Anbesol, strange as it might sound. (There’s also Zinc “Spring Mint” mouthwash or the “Blue Mint” kind. I mean, if it’s NOT too toxic, if it kills the germs in your mouth, then it just makes sense that if you actually swallow it, it will kill the germs in your body. I tried that too. I just feel these ideas are something worth testing by the government, so I wanted to bring it to their attention.)

Also, if anyone at all does not have health insurance or access to a doctor, I would recommend at least TRYING the Anbesol and/or mouthwash as a possible cure of an infection. It doesn’t hurt when you stop (there’s no withdrawal) and I had no problem stopping it’s use after I thought better of my habit. Oddly, it seemed to me that the empowerment of my mind got strong while using the Anbesol and continued on after I stopped taking the Anbesol. I guess you could use the commercial Anbesol, or drink Uzzo (both have Anise seed flavoring), or simply buy a small bottle of the herbs oil of cloves and Anise, which I believe are the empowering substances. Anise is also what flavors Uzzo, which is a Greek liqueur in origin, figures, somehow, doesn’t it, but better watch out, I hear it has a powerful kick LOL. (I’d recommend just using the Anbesol or buying the herb Anise. You can get Anbesol at any drug store and most grocery stores.) But using Anbesol can get to be a habit, simply because it feels great to have a powerful mind, which using it may in fact cause, right? As I said I had no problem stopping. Blessings to everyone anyway.

I’m fairly sure that the NOVOCAINE in Anbesol is pretty empowering to the mind, too. Watch Bon Jovi sing “Novocaine” (YouTube – perhaps 26 videos). The playlist ends with Bon Jovi’s “Everybody’s broken.” Well society would get on a lot better if we just TRIED to be a little more kind and caring, and didn’t judge and hurt each other. For sure.

Personally I could really stand some Uzzo about now…(but then I am a reformed alcoholic), or failing that some nice black licorice (which is flavored with Anise) would be nice. No, this is the way it is for alcoholics, you think about it a LOT of the time, which is why you really shouldn’t have any.

I also wonder if a substance which killed the Herpes virus might possibly even kill bird flu. Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

THE SECRET: Being kind makes you kind, and living like Jesus taught makes you like Jesus.

The Waterboys ‘This is the Sea’

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