A Few (New?) Ideas from Ancient Times

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— Over a 40-years long study of comparative
religion, and a lot of talks with various pastors
and lay persons, I’ve accumulated some ideas about
“names” of deities I want to share with you. They
are presented to you as explorations and ideas
and hypotheses, not as fact, but to me they make sense.

June 8, 2020
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A Few (New?) Ideas from Ancient Times
(Which Show a strong Greco-Roman Influence
in parts of the Bible and Our Christian Religion)

The Daily Walk with Love, June 8, 2020, by Paul Evans. I took a mythology course in eleventh grade in high school, and some of this comes from that wonderful teacher in Wooster High School. But ever since 1979 (about the time I graduated from college), I have studied “comparative religion,” mainly from a Christian point of view, yet believing there is a lot to learn by reading not just the Bible but other sources, too, as well as talking to many Christian pastors. I have decided to just present this to you simply as a list for you to follow if you might want to do more research on these ideas yourself.

I learned that there are not just one, but four evil deities afflicting mankind: The overall “Prince of darkness” here is of course Satan. ((Let me interject that students of these matters must start from a point of view held by the ancient Greeks and Romans of regarding the planets, as well as the earth and our moon, as being alive and having deities associated with them. So for example we have the “Titans,” which are the planets from Saturn outwards and the “Olympians” from Jupiter on inwards to our sun.)) So if Satan is darkness and God is light, we know that Christianity’s God is YWH, or, as I have read, “all the Light in the Universe.” I think “Apollo,” (from Greece as well as Rome) and “Ra,” who was for one pharoah’s reign in the second dynasty of Egypt (about the time that the Hebrews were there?) are all about the same as Jesus, though of course none of the others were saviors to all of us, and so are perhaps inferior was of looking at Light. Did you know that in one of the Gospels, Jesus says the “son of man” in the same sentence as the “sun of man.” Wow!!

Then what do we think about the Bible’s use of both YWH and Jehovah for God? I feel that Jupiter is really (Jove, Jovial) the same as Jehovah, representing the most powerful planet, as Jupiter has 98 percent of the solar system’s angular momentum (the scientists say), and is actually a brown dwarf star, and with our sun, the only two planets which give out more energy than they receive. At the time I realized this, it was stunning to think of two different “gods,” though for me, YWH will always be the God I pray to.

But in the Bible, why are there two names for God, vis, YWH and then Jehova, who, as far as I can get any ideas, corresonds to Jupiter (Jove), and I will bring my scientific training into the picture here: Jupiter has 98 percent of the entire solar system’s angular momentum (think gravity) and is classified by science as a “brown dwarf star.” While the ancient Greek name for Saturn is “Kronos,” (think chronology or time).

Let me quickly finish up with some of the evil deities, which I don’t like even to write about. Look up “Lucifer” in a good dictionary and it will define him as “the morning apparition of Venus.” We already know about Satan, but in terms of what the Greeks and Romans believed, could there be some connection with Saturn (the planet)? A lot of fundamentalists feel the moon is the “devil,” whereas witches believe there is only evil there at the time of a new moon, and that a full moon is the time of the goddess Athena, who is thought to be a wise and good goddess, protector of childbirth and wildlife. Finally, we have Beelzebub, who is supposedly the devil’s representative here on earth.

You know, it has certainly been intellectually stimulating to learn these things… but the evil deities described here partly or mostly have little place in modern Christian worship, it seems to me. These ideas are mostly out of ancient Greek and Roman times, and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross moved us into a new and much more modern way of thinking and believing. God Bless all of my readers!!

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