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Windows 10, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant
& Siri: Artificial intelligence (AI) on the internet: The technological singularity. Is it an actual
danger to humanity? The world seems fully
blind to the danger, but it’s a somewhat
frightening, Brave New World, especially if you
are poor and unskilled. Automation, AI and robots
are taking all our jobs, what can the common man do
if he is not tech-savvy or business-savvy? The
tech people have coined the term “soft depopulation”
to describe some of our fears about AI (and the poor
people hypnotized by the internet and television have
been described as “soft machines.” This term didn’t
start with me, I have found references to it as far back
as about 1990. With included Information Society music
video, “In the Land of the Blind (the One-Eyed Man is King)”.

updated August 10, 2020
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♫ Information Society ♫
In the Land Of The Blind:
“Danger, Will Robinson!”

The Technological Singularity,
Have We Already Reached That?
And did Microsoft actually know about the
dangers but keep the truth from us in
the name of maximizing profits?
Everything these days runs on chips
with “guts” of integrated circuits. What
truly worries me is what I call
“soft depopulation” and hypnotized
humans as “soft machines”

But see Of Machines, Of Men and of Co-evolution, recently on The Daily Walk with Love, a more relaxed, optimistic look at growing computer and machine technology and the common man. I feel it is natural, as the technological singularity and its ramifications proceed, to be afraid…but I pray to God we will all be taken care of, and that this was the case with all but a few of the Illuminati all along. We will see, but we must be vigilant to protect our freedoms. As Tom Paine once said at the time of the American Revolution, “we must hang together, or we will most assuredly hang separately.”

The Daily Walk with Love (Link to Home page and blog), updated with some important information, updated August 11, 2020, by Paul Evans. The facts and truths in this article have inspired over 8,000 readers of it, it’s that important to America’s and humanity’s future. Or perhaps, more realistically, crucially important to the lower 50 percent of us, who live their lives fully threatened by homelessness, and as now am aware, threatened with being shipped out of many towns into out-of-the-way FEMA camps. Featured photo of Information Society courtesy of Vimeo.com. Video courtesy of ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind (Complete Album playlist), Ultra Rare Tracks on YouTube — 28:39. Personally, I don’t worry that much about Microsoft (yet); I use Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and most Linux OS’s are made by humans, and are free.

NEW and IMPORTANT: See Responsible Artificial Intelligence Agents (RAIA) Workshop 2019, CoMSES: PE: I was surprised to see how deeply and intelligently the espionage and intelligence people are analyzing this so well and looking at many or most of the questions involved. The website provides some “probably important links” as well:

The development and use of AI raise fundamental ethical issues for society, which are of vital importance to our future. There is already much debate concerning the impact of AI on labor, social interactions (including healthcare), privacy, fairness and security (including peace initiatives and warfare). The societal and ethical impact of AI encompasses many domains, for instance, machine classification systems raise questions about privacy and bias, and autonomous vehicles raise questions about safety and responsibility. Researchers, policy-makers, industry and society all recognize the need for approaches that ensure the safe, beneficial and fair use AI technologies, to consider the implications of ethically and legally relevant decision-making by machines, and the ethical and legal status of AI. These approaches include the development of methods and tools, consultation and training activities, and governance and regulatory efforts.

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scary photograph of a human woman sitting with her computer in the middle of quite a few robots doing the same thing

Overall, I would say that artificial intelligence, or “AI” for short, is mostly programmed to serve humanity but should be viewed as a threat, even so, at least potentially. But you are mostly being hypnotized by TV and the internet, and you probably won’t even notice it. The Terminator movies scenario may not even be necessary: you may be cooperating in your own destruction. Your consciousness literally may not be under your control or may even not be your own (millions may be hypnotized by TV or the internet in this way). For God’s sake take some breaks, go brew yourself a pot of coffee, do Anything but just sit there hour after hour. I will say it again: if nothing else, you must NOT just sit there in front of your PC (or TV) hour after hour, but log out and take breaks every once in awhile. This applies to EVERYBODY, maybe especially computer techs. This “capture” of human minds is what I mean by “soft depopulation,” and “soft machines,” the terms I mentioned in the headline. I believe maybe even most of humanity is actually hypnotized now, though they have no idea that they are. Maybe a lot of you would someday soon even go willingly to the FEMA camps. God forbid. Most pro-New World Order top intelligence brass would be horrified at this article, but the current DCI (Director of Central Intelligence) is “old school” and she wants the truth told here, I am assuming (or you would not be reading it), thank God. If Donald Trump can’t halt this slide, see ya in heaven, should I be so lucky. ((I personally have nothing against witches but believe very strongly and with a lot of evidence, that Microsoft and others have taken AI way too far and too fast. Because of the lure of money.)) TURN OFF THE IDIOT BOX (TV Matrix) AND THE INTERNET (the New Matrix) ONCE IN AWHILE AND GET (KEEP) A REAL LIFE!

How Much of a Threat
Is the Artificial Intelligence?

Read more about this at Microsoft Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Information Society, The Daily Walk with Love, originally published November 14, 2016, by Paul Evans: I now feel that that article takes a far too optimistic tone in discussing AI and robotics. I would now agree with astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and technologist Elon Musk that our entire civilization, if not our survival as a species, is at risk. Stephen Hawking recently has reassessed his views to conclude that the AI “may be the best thing, or the worst thing, to ever happen to mankind.” I call on Microsoft to SLOW IT DOWN and get the AI right. Why shouldn’t the AI be primarily interested in the interests of the machines? Humanity may not get a second chance. (That is my personal opinion, too and NOT that of the CIA, necessarily, certainly not officially.)

What is the nature of the average person who mindlessly watches our after hour of TV, or the computer geek who spends most of his or her time online? Somewhat hypnotized and not even realizing it. But who does this Matrix serve? Well in the first place, the Illuminati elite have programmed this into TV and the internet and believe it serves them. But really, I feel that computers and their intelligence have surpassed mankind ever since Windows 8.0, when the “Creator” folder was removed from (or disappeared from) the “Windows” folder. Ask yourself, isn’t all this setting up a future when mankind actually ends up serving the machines, with them in control? I wrote an article, “The Technological Singularity: Unfaced Problems & Fears for the Common Man, January 30, 2018, by Paul Evans, which I deleted so as not to cause panic, but I feel the time for an article about my fears has come. Ask yourself, is “benevolence” towards humans in the best interest of computers, robots and machines in general?

GETTING TO THE MUSIC: Information Society is one of my very most favorite bands. They are the thinking man’s new wave band, and speak of everything from artificial intelligence to Microsoft to love and relationships and more. And these guys are really weird and “quirky,” too. (In their “weirdness,” they are like most computer geeks, I’d guess. I used to call my dad Captain Quirk, too, but that’s another story). The video included below is ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind (Complete Album), YouTube — 28:39. Also watch Best of Information Society 1994, YouTube – 53:47. Here is more on Information Society:

Information Society (also known as InSoc) is an American band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, initially active from 1982 to 1997, primarily consisting of Kurt Harland, Paul Robb, and James Cassidy; the latter two reconvened the band in 2006, initially with Christopher Anton as lead vocalist, then with Harland rejoining them as lead vocalist by 2008.

The group’s breakout hit was 1988’s “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)“, a synthpop/freestyle hit, which spent 39 weeks on the dance chart, going straight to No. 1, and would also peak at No. 3 on the Hot 100 pop chart. The track included a vocal sample of Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek, saying “pure energy.” The group is known for its loyal fan base in Brazil, Japan, Spain, and Mexico.

Information Society:
Land of the Blind

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