♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind ♫

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The Daily Walk with Miracles

The Daily Walk with Miracles

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Windows 10, Cortana & artificial intelligence (AI) on the internet:
Is it an actual danger to humanity? The world seems fully blind to the danger,
and it’s a frightening, Brave New World, with included Information Society music video.

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♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind ♫
“Danger, Will Robinson!”

Windows 10, Cortana & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Is it an Actual Danger to Humanity?
The World Seems Fully Blind to the Danger:
What worries me is “Soft Depopulation”

The Daily Walk with Miracles, February 19, 2017, by Paul Evans. Video courtesy of ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind (Complete Album), Ultra Rare Tracks on YouTube — 28:39.

scary photograph of a human woman sitting with her computer in the middle of quite a few robots doing the same thing

Privacy is reduced to a “quaint notion” these days, which I really can’t write about because I “know too much.” But what REALLY worries me is a concept I call “soft depopulation.”

Did you realize that TV is a Matrix which inevitably influences and sometimes fully captures human minds? And the internet is a “New Matrix,” perhaps potentially even more devastating in shaping mankind’s future. As Marshall McCluhan said back in the 70’s, “the medium is the message.” Either one of those two mediums shapes American culture as never before. If TV has used subliminal messages and screen refresh rates to “program” the viewer (it does), then realize that it’s even worse today, that the technology is constantly improving. The extent of the “damage” done to computer users by the internet and the control it has over society is not yet fully known. But it seems to me that many, many people (millions) must be fully brainwashed by these media. Maybe even a lot of you are fully “captured,” as if you were possessed. You THINK you are awake and alert, but really, many of you are like walking “zombies,” and you might as well be dead souls, for all the control over your own minds you have left. “He who has ears, let him hear.” The Terminator movies scenario may not even be necessary: you are cooperating in your own destruction. Your consciousness literally may not be under your control or may even not be your own. This is what I mean by “soft depopulation,” the term I mentioned in the headline. Maybe a lot of you would someday soon go willingly to the FEMA camps. God forbid. If Donald Trump can’t halt this slide, see ya in heaven, should I be so lucky. TURN OFF THE IDIOT BOX AND THE INTERNET ONCE IN A WHILE AND GET A REAL LIFE!

Read more about this at Microsoft Windows 10, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & the Information Society, The Daily Walk with Miracles, November 14, 2016, by Paul Evans: I now feel that this article takes a far too optimistic tone in discussing AI and robotics. I would now agree with astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and technologist Elon Musk that our entire civilization, if not our survival as a species, is at risk. (That is my personal opinion and NOT that of the CIA, necessarily, certainly not officially.)

Information Society is one of my very most favorite bands. They are the thinking man’s new wave band, and speak of everything from artificial intelligence to Microsoft to love and relationships and more. And these guys are really weird and “quirky,” too. (In their “weirdness,” they are like most computer geeks, I’d guess. I used to call my dad Captain Quirk, too, but that’s another story). The video included below is ♫ Information Society – Land Of The Blind (Complete Album), YouTube — 28:39. Here is more on Information Society:

Information Society (also known as InSoc) is an American band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, initially active from 1982 to 1997, primarily consisting of Kurt Harland, Paul Robb, and James Cassidy; the latter two reconvened the band in 2006, initially with Christopher Anton as lead vocalist, then with Harland rejoining them as lead vocalist by 2008.

The group’s breakout hit was 1988’s “What’s on Your Mind (Pure Energy)”, a synthpop/freestyle hit, which spent 39 weeks on the dance chart, going straight to No. 1, and would also peak at No. 3 on the Hot 100 pop chart. The track included a vocal sample of Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from Star Trek, saying “pure energy.” The group is known for its loyal fan base in Brazil, Japan, Spain, and Mexico.

Information Society:
Land of the Blind

from The 5th Dimension

“When the moon is in the seventh house,
and Jupiter aligns with Mars,
Then peace will guide the planets,
and Love will steer the stars.”

Proverbs 13:7 – There is that maketh himself rich, yet hath nothing:
there is that maketh himself poor, yet hath great riches.
(King James version)

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(1611 King James Authorized Version)

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