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March 11, 2016

The Daly Walk with Miracles
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Mary J. Blige
Greatest Hits (playlist)

The Current First Lady of Soul
gives us some of her best

The Daily Walk with Miracles, March 11, 2016, by Paul Evans. Ms. Blige is an under-appreciated, “Old school” recording artist who receives some airplay on the cooler FM stations but deserves a lot more recognition. Her new “London Sessions” CD is just released and is available on Amazon.com OR iTunes. Featured photo of Mary J. Blige is courtesy of www.fanpop.com.

Mary J. Blige has a wonderful and understatedly-cool, old-school hip-hop soul style that really sounds great! With Aretha gone, isn’t Mary the reigning queen of soul?

Check out the Official Mary J. Blige website or see her on Facebook. Check out times and get tickets for a Mary J. Blige concert event near you. Near Ohio she’s playing Detroit on Saturday, March 26 as part of a 70’s soul jam (only 48 tickets left).

On YouTube, Mary has generously streamed her whole new album, called The London Sessions, which you can purchase at her official website. See Mary J. Blige digital downloads on Amazon.com (high-quality, 256 kbs digital rights free mp3’s) or on iTunes, which summarizes her (in part):

"Called alternately the new Chaka Khan or new Aretha Franklin, Blige had little in common stylistically with either of those artists, but like them, she helped adorn soul music with new textures and flavors that inspired a whole generation of musicians. With her blonde hair, self-preserving slouch, and combat boots, Blige was street-tough and beautiful all at once, and the record company execs who profited off of her early releases did little to dispel the bad-girl image that she earned as she stumbled through the dizzying first days of her career. As she exorcized her personal demons and softened her style to include sleek designer clothes, she remained a hero to thousands of girls growing up in the same kinds of rough places she came from. Blige reinvented her career again and again by shedding the bad habits and bad influences that kept her down; by the time her fourth album, Mary, was released in 1999, she had matured into an expressive singer able to put the full power of her voice behind her music, while still reflecting a strong urban style. With her fifth album, No More Drama, it wasn’t just Blige’s style that shone through the structures set up for her by songwriters and producers, it was her own vision — spiritual, emotional, personal, and full of wisdom, it reflected an artist who was comfortable with who she was and how far she had come. Born in the Bronx on January 11, 1971, Blige spent the first few years of her life in Savannah, Georgia before moving with her mother and older sister to the Schlobam housing projects in Yonkers, New York….

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